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Ami Raz     Internet
Sunday, 31 May 6:08 AM
Click and Save:  PDFill PDF Tools.


Many companies now send out bills and statements as email-attached PDF files.  Scanners often output scans as PDF files.  MS Word and many other programs now enable you to save a document as a PDF file.  While it is easy enough to read these files using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader programs, you may run into problems for anything more complicated.

Here are a few occasions that I used PDFill Tools recently: 

1.    I recently used my document scanner to scan in checks before depositing them.  The scan ended up in "portrait" rather than "landscape" mode.  I needed a program to rotate all of the pages 90 degrees.

2.  I scanned my 2016 tax return, but realized that one of the pages was in the wrong order.  Instead of scanning in everything all over again, I used PDFill to re-order the pages.

3. I received several PDF files from my insurance company for my 2017 tax statement, but needed to merge them into one file for easy handling.

A bit of background:  the PDF (Portable Document Format) was originally created by Adobe.  Since 2008, it's become an open format which can be used for free. The advantage of a PDF file is that it looks the same no matter what computer or program you use.

Now you can "party" with your PDF files, using the FREE PDFill Tools.  Here are a few more of the many options:

1.  Convert your PDF files into pictures for import into Word or Excel.

2. Split, crop, page number, watermark, export, encrypt, decrypt, and optimize.

And here's a review from one of my favorite sites (5 out of 5 stars, "Editors' Choice"):

Clean and nice user interface, include most features such as merge, split, reorder, rotate, header and footer with page number, watermark, encrypt and decrypt, convert PDF to images or vice versa, convert PostScript to PDF.

PS - to convert a PDF document to Word format, I suggest using the SmallPDF website.  This is useful if you need to edit or translate the document. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well with a Hebrew document.

Please note:  Unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for use of the software, directions or links suggested. I have no interest - financial or otherwise - in the software or sites listed.  Use at your own risk.

Be Well,
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