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| Rent-free flat Maoz ZIon in exchange for part-time help to alert, crippled,elderly woman

Tuesday, 29 January 9:02 PM

Judith Issroff <>

AttachmentsWed, 9 Jan, 15:15
to ychaim
accommodation in exchange for help

Rent-free small flat in exchange for part-time help to crippled, alert, elderly woman +free parklng 


 Seeking a compassionate, able-bodied tenant or couple of any age for compact, one-roomed, air-conditioned flat with private entrances, sundeck, parking space in guarded garden in  Kastel-Maoz Zion, offered in exchange for help to supplement that of the cleaner-caregiver to alert but crippled, cultivated, elderly Hebrew-English-speaking landlady. Spacious garden and quiet.

Gear shift licenced driver welcomed.  Secure parking on premises.


The well lit, air conditioned flat is fully equipped with kitchenette, refrigerator-freezer, hot plates, en suite tiled shower-toilet, electrical points, desk, Wifi, built in drawers, cupboards, situated near regular transport to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beit shemesh and all areas of the country as the Castel is intended to be the transport hub-axis for the entire country from next year.   malls, shops, restaurants, good hiking and cycling country in easy walking distance. Large interesting library for English readers and art lovers on the premises.   


 Judith's arms were permanently injured in an accident last year & their use is now very limited.  

Judith  manages many hours alone.- carer comes  5 times a week. 

Judith calls on her tenants for help if they are around. And she has the Yad Sarah emergency button always available.

 Keeping the wood burning fire stoked  in winter is not difficult -there is an indoor woodpile.  Help is  required with gardening, cleaning Judith's car, helping her hitch her motorized mobility scooter to the electrical hoist in her car,

What Judith needs  is  help to pick up  things that fall off her bed like her mobile phone, computers, food, papers, to adjust her pillow or sheets.  She knocks eye drops off the side table, spills or breaks things accidently, and needs the mess to be cleaned up. sometimes she needs bed sheets changed or commode emptied. Food, which can also be ordered and delivered from local places, has to be purchased, arranged in refrigerator and brought to her, sometimes warmed in microwave, and  tea made and brought to her. Judith needs help in putting on and taking off clothes because of trouble with using her arms. Sometimes a wastebasket has to be emptied, dishes washed. Sometimes papers need filing.

The wood-burning stove has to be kept stoked in winter months, and the indoor adjacent woodpile in order, plants watered, common outdoor porch swept of fallen leaves.

Sometimes medicines need collecting from nearby Kupat Holim.    Sometimes Judith needs to be accompanied to and from Hospital or clinic appointments.   


Help with papers, electronic equipment, writing and photocopying is sorely needed.  


For details or to arrange interview/visit please contact 

Judith +972 (0)54 834 7227    


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