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| Freebies4U - Malware: Get a Second Opinion J212

Ami Raz     Internet
Tuesday, 08 October 8:15 AM
Get a second opinion on whether your computer is infected. 


No antivirus program is 100% accurate.  And sometimes your computer starts acting strangely.  That's when you need a "second opinion." 

When doing a computer tune-up (I recommend a complete checkup every 6-12 months) , I always install and run a "second opinion" anti-malware program.  My favorite is the aptly-named free Malwarebytes Anti-malware available here

But it's not a good idea to have two "real-time" antivirus programs running.  The antivirus programs will "fight" when scanning every opened file, causing your computer to slow down.  So I turn off all of the "real-time" features of Malwarebytes Anti-malware. You can also turn off the program's notification that real-time features are turned off.

Another of the downsides of this free program is that it constantly prompts you to upgrade your protection -- for a fee.  You simply need to ignore the messages and run the program whenever you need a "second opinion."

Sounds complicated?  Here's a second option for getting a second opinion:  You can now set the Eset Online Scanner to run for free once a month.  See here for more information.

Best Wishes,
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