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| Accessories for Kenwood mixer

TimiGershon     pisgat zeev / baka
Sunday, 14 April 10:33 AM

Accessories for Kenwood mixer - dough hook, guitar hook, mixing bowl, meat grinder, food processor and blender. The mixer itself died and was thrown out but I have the rest (I hope most of the pieces).

I don't know the model but it was a big one (I think for 2 kilos of flour), the best model about 16 or so years ago (cost about 2000 NIS back then)

Pieces are dusty but most were hardly used. 

I’d be glad to hold for a couple of days otherwise I'll throw out on Wednesday. 

Please email – best to pick up in Pisgat Zeev all day or morning I can arrange to bring to Baka area.

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