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| Keren Ezrat HaBrit - Free Brit Mila Packages

Keren Ezrat HaBrit     Jerusalem
Tuesday, 19 November 1:16 AM
Mazal Tov!

Keren Ezrat HaBrit is offering free Brit Mila packages in the greater Jerusalem area.

What is included?

Keren Ezrat HaBrit will provide a Mohel for the Brit, who will also come before the Brit to check on the baby, and after the Brit to provide aftercare, all free of charge.

All of Keren Ezrat HaBrit's Mohelim are Certified Mohelim, with years of experience. Keren Ezrat HaBrit only provides Mohelim that use natural and safe medicine and methods. 

Keren Ezrat HaBrit may provide financial assistance toward the cost of the Seudat HaBrit for a limited number of eligible families.

Keren Ezrat HaBrit can provide the Brit pillow, outfit, and other Brit Mila accessories.

Keren Ezrat HaBrit will also provide you with answers to any questions about and related to Brit Mila.

For all Inquiries, please contact us at Please provide your name and phone number.

And once again, Mazal Tov!

לעילוי נשמת ר' שלום בן אברהם ז"ל

Keren Ezrat HaBrit is a non-profit organization.


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