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Ami Raz     Internet
Monday, 15 June 6:32 AM
The Internet is great.


But do you really want your kids to have access to Porn, Violence and Gambling?

Several years ago, the Knesset passed a law requiring all Internet providers (ISPs and cellphone companies) to provide free filtering services. You have to request the service -- the Internet companies are SUPPOSED to inform their customers, but they aren't so eager to comply with the law.  They'd rather have you pay for Internet filtering.
Obviously, the free services are not as comprehensive or as fine-tuned as the paid services.  

Here's the info for some of the Internet providers in Israel:

Source:  Kol Zchut

Here  is a list of the ten best free parental control programs.  Number one on the list is Qustodio, which also received a coveted PC Magazine Editors' Choice award.

For more information:

Ponponim - an excellent, comprehensive review of filtering for children (in Hebrew)

Many of the sites above are in Hebrew.  If this is a problem, for Chrome:  right-click on a blank area on the web page and then choose Translate.  For Firefox, I suggest using the Simple Translate add-on.

Please note:  Unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for use of the software, directions or links suggested. I have no interest - financial or otherwise - in the software or sites listed.  Use at your own risk.  

Be Well,
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