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joe good day     all areas
Thursday, 25 June 2:56 PM
Shalom fellow Janglo family.

I have been a member of Janglo since it was a Yahoo group and appreciate their service. I have been providing marketing communitcations for established and start up companies alike for over 10 years. My holistic approach takes into account your entire operation from end to end. 

My abilty to provide actionable information always results in modifications and enhancements, often with significant resourse and revune savings and or creation.

Lets have a discussion for about 15 minutes. I will answer any questions you have and give you my insights on your current position and where I think you need to be and how to get there in the short term, with a logistical plan.

No matter if you are a large growing company or a start up that has not launched yet, I am certain after have a short conversation, you will walk away with greater clarity and new perspectives that will be very valuable to you.

Do you need a website, videos, social media , SEO? if you are serious about your online presence, then the answer is yes.

Here is an example of the power of artificial intelegence to help you with getting new business and serviceing existing clients. I can also deploy talking avatars to help walk website visitors into your sales funnel. 

Leran about more services here:

Thank you for your time and best wishes on your business!


  415-800-4962 USA


On Tap - Plumbing and Water Filtration
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Yohanan Beeri . . ARCHITECT
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