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Thursday, 25 June 2:56 PM

Dear Janglo Family,

Please accept this invitation to discuss how we can work together and grow together, by complimenting our mutual talents. Let us explore ways to grow your business, receive valuable and actionable insights and solutions to known problems and issues you may not be aware of that are negatively impacting your business. A long term successful business today has a solid and well laid online presence. Online marketing is not the future it is now, and providers of most goods who ignores online customers will succumb to the marketing prowess of their competition that exploits the power of leveraging their business online.

Video Marketing

Today video is king. Any broad online marketing campaign should have a video component to it from the beginning. On going video marketing is super powerful for driving, new customers, sales conversions and SEO search traffic. No matter what your business is, you will benefit from a video marketing campaign.


It maybe that you have a website and you know that it needs looking over and optimized. Even if you have someone handling your website, you should have a third party analyze it for errors, speed and other factors that can negatively affect your google search rating. 

You should have a positive answer to all of these questions:

Can your visitors determine who you are and what your site does in 5s and feel an air of individuality and authority?

Have you checked your website for speed?

Do you use a SSL certificate? Https

Do you use a CDN to host your content?

Has your site been added to the google search console by a webmaster? (sites added will receive status updates from google of any issues/

Has your site been tested with mobile devices?

Have your images been optimized for fast loading?

Do all of your images have alt image tags with unique descriptions?

Is your site connected to more than 3 social networks?

Above are just some of the major issues you need to know about your website and stay on top of. If you are serious about your business, you need to be as serious with your website and online presence as you would your office in Trump Tower, you get the idea. The largest companies in the world are websites, and yet many startups see their website as a business card. Consequently, they are the only ones that see their website. 

Public Relations

Having a succinct PR message is key. Understanding media and building relationships with key players is critical in developing a successful PR image.


Having a good brand that is well thought out, is the foundation to success, if this part is not done right, the entire operation suffers forever until its fixed, if fixable.

Social Media

Today, social media is the internet and your website and customers must be connected to and coming from social media. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and others are very important to your brand and sales when utilized correctly.

Ai Chat Automation and talking avatars

With artificial intelligence, I am able to attract new customers, provide customer service to clients, offer coupons and incentives to new visitors, collect emails and telephone numbers and more, 24/7 right from your website. The best leads are the visitors on your website. Over 90 percent of visitors to websites do not take any action. With Chat automation and talking avatars leading customers into the sales funnel is proven to increase sales and leads.

There is no requirement to get stuck with a salaried employee and not receive the desired outcome. As an employer, it can be far more beneficial and cost effective to hire me on a contract basis to handle your marketing, websites and digital presence as well as Public Relations. To do this effectively in house would require hiring: A Marketing Manager. A Content Writer. A graphics and video editor. This would be a very minimal team that would require the Marketing manager to do most of the work and know how to do a lot more than manage.

The above team will only succeed if there is someone in the team that is results oriented, alas many if not most employees are paycheck oriented. Marketing is the life blood of any business. Just to maintain what you have and not be overwhelmed by the competition over time, you can not ignore online marketing any longer.

I am ready to work with your company and help you grow so that we will grow together. My goal is to bring you more business so that you will be super pleased and renew and expand our contract.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

0584852733   USA   415-800-4962



(415) 800-4962  +972-5848-52733

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Leadership and Management of large concerns, projects and staff.  Strategic planning and organizational growth and fund sourcing. Offering over fifteen years of related experience and a demonstrated track record of success.

SKILLS   Integrity, credibility, and unwavering commitment to employer’s mission.

Detail oriented and high-level systems thinker: sees how the details fit into the larger picture.

Strong decision maker; Able to remain calm under pressure. Able to manage multiple deadlines and shifting priorities.

Excellent time management and prioritization skills.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills, within the organization and as a representative of the organization, and pleasant demeanor.

Takes satisfaction in helping to build a larger, more-robust organization by creating usable systems.

Superb manager; a natural creative problem-solver

Proactive, takes initiative; a driver who executes on all tasks and is accountable for their success, and failures.

Experience UpwardsPR, Jerusalem — Account Management

JAN 2015 - JUL 2018

  • Developed and implemented marketing campaigns.

  • Planned and implemented fundraising events.


  • Cultivated relationships with leaders in the community, businesses and individual donors in an effort to draw attention to various local NGOs and add new donors and volunteers.


  • Involved in all aspects of various campaigns to educate the public and raise funds.


  • Started an operated a 20 seat telemarketing office. I set up the office, technology, scripts and hired the staff.


  • Produced, Websites, Videos, Mass mailings, Newsletters, Written and graphic content, web and social media engagement. 

Peace Tracts, Sweden — Founder

FEB 2005 - JUN 2012

  • Collected information on existing programs to demonstrate a cohesive and sustainable organization to funders.

  • Supervising staff and cultivating a team culture.

  • Budgeting and in managing financial reporting and analysis; knowledge of accounts payable and receivable, and payroll.

  • Grants management as it relates to compliance and reporting on foundation grants (preferred).

  • Tech savvy, able to learn new programs quickly; Knowledge of accounting and reporting software; Fluency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM, video editing, photoshop. 

Biozone, Israel - Imports Sales & Marketing

MAY 2000 - JAN 2005

  • Ensure smooth management with all vendors, including researching, negotiating and organizing for our various interactions with them. Ensure efficiencies – hotel bookings, insurance, security, food and transportation for all field programs. Ensure compliance with HR standards in the US and in Israel accordingly, and supervise support staff to implement daily HR functions;


  • Oversee hiring and termination processes ensuring they adhere to HR standards in the US and in Israel.

  •  Oversee maintenance of all IT functions, organization-wide database and cloud server.

  •  Oversee implementation of systems and programs including project management software.

  • Ensure organization and programs are covered with appropriate insurance policies, negotiate pricing, liaise with brokers.

  • Ensure organization is in compliance with relevant Israeli and US laws


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