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| Enjoy Clean Windows for the Summer! Also Window Screen And Tris (Blind) Repair

Anne Seham    
Saturday, 27 June 9:43 PM

Enjoy Clean Windows!  Also Window Screen And Tris (Blind) Repair    


Raphael is back to work with precautions.   

A client says about our window cleaning: “Raphael came to our house last week and the results are AMAZING!! Our windows, screens and trisim are all shiny and clean,and look way better than they have in over a decade. He was quick and veryreasonably priced. Totally worth it and highly recommended.”

Enjoy clean windows!  Professional window cleaner, 30 years experience, for homes and businesses. Reliable, fast, client centered service. 

Neither gnats or(most) cats can get through our screens! Years of efficient polite service. Screens replaced on the spot.

Tris (Blind) Repair: I replace the cord that often breaks so that your tris will work again.   

Many satisfied Jerusalem customers.  Call Raphael Ruderman at 0547 487 422 or email me directly at

more recommendations: 

!"Thanks very much!  You did an awesome job in cleaning our windows!  And, thanks for a very good price, especially when dealing with some difficult windows!  I love our view!"  

"Raphael did our windows last week, not only was he super professional but the windows look GREAT!"

"the large sliding window in our kitchen... was so clean it looked as if there was no glass there!




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