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| Home Organizing or Home Rejuvenation

Hanni Harel    
Sunday, 05 January 7:13 AM

My name is Hanni and I want to offer a service I can help you with.

How I do that is that I come to your home or wherever  you want to organize and we go through it together. I am not there to judge you, but, to support and encourage you.

If you want to donate things we can find a cause that you believe in and you can call them to see how to get what you want to donate to them.

My fee is 40 shekels an hour. Contact me at:

Have a testimonial to add here:

”Hanni Harel is the best organizer I ever had! She is prompt, patient, encouraging, fun, gentle and she really helped me decide how to get rid of some stuff. And she listens to what you want. Not just what she wants to do. If you are overwhelmed like I was, I think you would be making one of the best decisions to hire this wonderful woman 😃!”

            A.C. from Jerusalem

 I look forward to hearing from you to help you organize your things.


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