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| New in Israel: Get Free Loyalty Rewards at Corky, Hatch, Muffin Boutique, and Other Restaurants!

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 18 March 2:07 PM

Finally, simple American-style loyalty programs in Israel!

ComeAgain allows you to discover great new restaurants and businesses around Israel, and to get free stuff at your favorite places! 

On your first visit with the app, you'll get a gift for using the app. Then, when you fill up your rewards card, you'll get a BIGGER gift. It's time to get rewarded for being a loyal customer!

Here are some of the restaurants currently offering rewards. We'll be adding more in the coming weeks:

Hatch - Handcrafted Sausages and Beers in Machane Yehuda (haEgoz 28):

First Visit: Free small beer with purchase of NIS 50. 

5th Visit: Free beer or Sausage

Corky  - The Best in Kosher Wine (Azza 18):

First visit: Free coffee or tea with purchase

10th visit: Free tasting tray of four wines

Muffin Boutique - Montreal bagels and healthy muffins (Ben Yehuda 16)

First Visit: Free muffin with purchase

10th visit: Free shake/ muffin/ bagel  

Roasters  - Specialty coffee locally roasted (HaAfarsek 20) 

First visit: Free chaser with purchase

10th Visit: Free coffee 

Nagila  - Your healthy vegan choice (Baruchov 5, off Agrippas) 

First visit: Free coffee or tea (no purchase needed)

5th visit: Free dessert 

Kos Shel Bracha  - Your friendly neighborhood wine shop (Lamed Hey 16)

First visit: Free wine glass

10th visit: Free bottles of wine, up to NIS 65! 

Check out the app for other venues. Click here to download it.



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