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| Yom Yerushalayim! Jerusalem Day Events - Official Schedule

Zev Stub    
Friday, 11 May 11:15 AM
To mark 51 years of unification, many events will be held throughout the city and neighborhoods, including performances, tours, musical performances, colorful parades, ceremonies and more.

* A festive reception by the Mayor at the Tower of David Museum - a performance by singer Kobi Aflalo and the Jerusalem East West Orchestra, activity areas, training and more. *

* Performances by the best singers in the Sultan's Pool * MOVED TO PAYIS ARENA

* Ceremony honoring Jerusalem's King David *

* Dozens of events and performances singers in the neighborhoods *

* The Student Day Festival at Sacher Park: Marathon of performances by the best artists - CREW LUCILLE, Hatikva 6, Eden Ben Zaken, Hadag Nachash host Hanan Ben Ari, BALKAN BEAT BOX, SKAZI *

On Sunday 13/5/2018 we will celebrate the 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. During the week and between 13/5/17 - 17/5/2018 the Municipality of Jerusalem will mark these celebrations with a variety of events and performances throughout the city for the benefit of the city's residents and visitors.
A special reception will be held by the Mayor and his wife at the Tower of David - a live museum and performances by singers, a ceremony for the award of the Yakir Yerushalayim, and events and official ceremonies will be held.

In the city's neighborhoods we marked Jerusalem Day with many different events, and like every year there will be a white night to mark Student Day.

On the festive day of Jerusalem, a transparent studio of Galgalatz will broadcast from the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall between 10:00 and 19:00, with the leading artists, singers and broadcasters of Galgalatz.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat: "Fifty years have passed since Jerusalem was reunited forever and this year we will be marking this event with a variety of events throughout the city and neighborhoods that will allow more and more people to connect to Jerusalem and take part in the festivities. Events on the holiday of the capital of Israel. "

The following are the events:

Jerusalem Day - Sunday, 28/5/2018

A festive reception by the mayor and Mrs. Barkat on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the unification of the city

 Sunday, 28 Iyar 5768, 13/5/2018 Between 15: 30-17: 30 Admission is free 

The Mayor of Jerusalem and Mrs. Barkat invite the residents of the city and its visitors to a festive reception at the Migdal Museum on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the city's reunification.

In the program:

Similarities from the history and present of Jerusalem, training stations and landscape observation. Jerusalem activity centers and workshops throughout the museum.

Performances Jerusalem East and West Orchestra together with singer Kobi Aflalo.
 The mayor and his wife will greet the guests between 15: 30-17: 30.

The public is invited. The museum is open to the public from 12: 00-18: 00. Admission is free.

For more details,

Jerusalem Day - the main event at the Arena

Jerusalem party into the night at Pais Arena, free entrance, registration in Jerusalem app only.
On Sunday, at 21:00 at the Pais Arena 

Student Day - Sacher Park

Sunday, 28 Iyar 5768, 13/5/2018 at 20:01

The student associations in the city, in cooperation with the Culture Department of the Jerusalem Municipality, will hold the Jerusalem Student Festival at a huge event and performances by the best artists in Sacher Park:

 CREW LUCILLE - opening performance

Hope 6

Eden Ben Zaken

Hadag Nachash hosts Hanan Ben Ari



 Headphones - Download the DEEZER application for free, and also enjoy a crazy headset! (We recommend that you download it in advance at

Tickets for students at the campus offices and on campuses

A unique celebration - Jerusalem Day, 70 years of the state

Sunday, 28 Iyar 5768, 13/5/2018 at 20:00.

In the center of the city there will be a large event with the participation of the best Israeli artists.

Entrance is free - details will be published below.


Hora Jerusalem presents "barefoot homeland"

13.5.2018, 28 Iyar 5769 at 19:30 at the Jerusalem Theater

A special show marking Jerusalem Day - discover sraeli culture.

Sherover Hall - Jerusalem Theater

Ticket price 25 NIS


Tours at the Jerusalem Municipality Visitor Center - free of charge

Hours: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00.

The Authority for Quality of Service and the Visitors Center of the Jerusalem Municipality invites the public to guided tours of the Jerusalem Municipality on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the city's reunification on Jerusalem Day.

The tours will be held in Hebrew at 10:00 and 12:00 and in English and French at 11:00.

A tour of the city line between 1948 and 1967, photos in stone, Yehuda Amichai singing, mayors and IDF parades, a spectacular view of the city hall and entrance to the model of the city - the model house.

Tours for individuals and families free of charge. Duration: 90 minutes


Meeting place: Safra Square, opposite the No. 3 building, the pillows area. Duration: 1 hour and a half

The tours are free of charge. No pre-registration required.


Shacharit Prayer Tayelet Armon HaNaziv - Courtyard Courtyard "Olamiah"

May 8, 2008

On Sunday 13/5 at 8:00 am, a festive morning prayer will be held at the Armon Hanatziv Promenade in honor of Yom Yerushalayim on the holiday.

A prayer of praise with the melodies of Chizki Sofer and guests like Carlebach.


"Flag Dance" Parade - Prayer and rally at the Western Wall

13.5.2018, 28 Iyar 5769 16: 30-22: 00

The march takes place every year on Jerusalem Day from 16:30. The march is accompanied by dancing, singing and raising Israeli flags and is produced by the "Am Kalavi" association. The number of marchers each year is tens of thousands of people from all over the country and the world.

The flag dance parade ends with a festive ceremony at the Western Wall plaza including prayer and assembly.

Event Schedule:

16: 30-18: 30 Dancing - Gathering on Bezalel and Independence Park.

18: 00-19: 30 marched

20: 00-22: 30 An assembly at the Western Wall plaza


An assembly of thanksgiving at Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva

Saturday, May 12, 2014, at 20:30

A festive prayer and a mass dance.

Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 18:30

A solemn assembly to mark the 51th anniversary of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem, in the presence of Chief Rabbis, Ministers, Heads of Yeshivot, MKs and public figures.
Monday, May 14, 2018


Ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the reunification of the city at 20:00

Ceremony honoring the Mayor of Jerusalem.

This year, 12 Jerusalem residents will receive the "Yakir" award.

The letter is given to people who have influenced and contributed to the lives of all residents of the city.

The event is for invitees only.


Yom Yerushalayim in the neighborhoods

Following is a list of events that will take place in community administrations in the city's neighborhoods:


6.5.18 at 20:30 - Eshkol Pais Auditorium

An evening of stories and a song with Shimon Parnes and Matti Seri


Ganim Community Administration

8.5.18 - Between the hours of 17: 00-19: 30 - at the rope park, 11 Daheumi Street

A huge happening - creative workshops, stalls, activities with soap bubbles, music and more.


Gonenim Community Council

12.5.18 at 20:15 in the sports field behind the Community Administration

A festive prayer in honor of Jerusalem Day, violinist Oren Tzur and guitarist Nadav Bachar.


Community Administration Baka

13.5.18 - Between the hours of 9: 00-12: 00 in the plaza of the Community Administration

Songs, stories and dances to Jerusalem, marking 70 years of the State, in cooperation with kindergartens.


Katamon Community Council

13.5.18 - Between the hours of 15: 00-19: 00, at the Kangaroo Community Center: a children's play, at 17:30, a drumming workshop for children and youth.

At 20:00, at the Container Terminal - Yitzhak Sadeh 17 - Shlomi Cohen


East Talpiot Community Administration

A singer's evening and a food market


Morasha Community Administration

13.5.18 at 20:00 in the Community Administration Hall

Exhibition, poetry on Jerusalem Day

Activities in cooperation with the Museum "On the Seam"


Ganim Community Administration

13.5.18 - "Open Houses in the Neighborhood". Jerusalem Day workshops for residents. Joint rise to the water tower.


Community Council of Har Choma

13.5.18 at 20:30 on the sports field

The musical performance of Aharon Raziel


Neve Ya'akov Community Council

13.5.18 at 20:00 in the Community Administration Hall

The singer Idan Sela in a Mediterranean concert, Entrance 30 NIS


Yuvalim Community Administration

13.5.18 at 10:00, at Beit Rachel, singing in public

              At 20:30, at the Ramat Sharet community center

              "Rest in Nachlaot", Dvir Sormello and Avi Ofek in songs and stories.

14.5.18 - at 20:00 - at the Philippe Leon Sports Hall

              Evening dances with Yaron Ben Simhon and Aviva Avidan, Entrance 30 NIS


Beit Hakerem Community Council

10.5.18 at 18:30 in the garden of the old committee building

Musical Performance "Hamamir"


Kiryat Moshe Community Administration

13.5.18 at 19:00 - the Blind Education Center

Midreshet Amakim, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

A performance by Benny Landau and Harel Tal


Ramot Alon Community Council

15.5.18 at 20:30, at the Dalia Ramot kindergarten,

The concert of singer Yonatan Raziel and the band Ohman


Community Council Pisgat Ze'ev

17.5.18 at 20:30 - Emmanuel Moreno Park

The big goat band and Yizhar Cohen



Events "This is Jerusalem"

Ramot Alon

Jerusalem tour and stories for young families.

9.5.18 - at 17:00 - to register

Katamon - 10.5.18 - Between 17:00 and 19:00.

A unique theatrical performance for Jerusalem Day, the story of the city in cooperation with the audience and singing in public.

In the Bruria garden, behind the Mishan nursing home

Ginot Ha'Ir Community Administration - 11.5.18 - From morning until Shabbat.

"My Jerusalem" - volunteer tours led by residents of the neighborhood, following their personal stories and areas of interest, the tours were launched by the Ginot Ha'Ir Community Administration.

Registration by email:

Beit Hakerem - 13.5.18 - at 19:00

"The Gypsies in Jerusalem Community on the Edge" A lecture by Ofra Regev, at the old committee house

Ramat Sharet - 13.5.18 at 19:30

A panel for Jerusalem Day with live music, Ramat Sharet community center, in "Menashe Elyashar"

Nayot neighborhood - 13.5.18 at 16:30

"Dancers of Jerusalem" - a huge wall painting and activities for children.

On the basketball court, Nayot

The railway park

13.5.18 - 16:00 - The Jerusalem March - a community march on the railway track.

East Talpiot - 15.5.18 at 19:30

"My Jerusalem is a song and taste": an evening of songs and tastings of local residents' recipes.

Community Council branch, young Arnona.

the station area

Sacred Poetry Circle - The varied Jerusalem under the guidance of Shimon Lev Tahor

9.5.18 at 18:00 and on 11.5.18 at 17:00.

Jerusalem Welcomes Shabbat

13.5.18 at 19:30.

Believers - Interfaith listening and prayer for listening and the Holy City

14.5.18 at 20:00

Libby in the East - Poetic love from a variety of traditions to the Land of Zion Jerusalem


Entrance to all events is free.

For details on this event Jerusalem: On the menu click on: Events "This is Jerusalem"


Ceremonies and State Events:

Jerusalem Day: Sunday, 28/5/2018

12: 00- A memorial ceremony for the Ethiopian community on Mount Herzl

The official memorial ceremony for Ethiopian Jews on Mount Herzl.


14:00 Memorial ceremony for the fallen of the Six Day War on Mount Herzl

State Ceremony for Yom Yerushalayim - Memorial Ceremony for the fallen of the Six Day War.


16:00 Memorial ceremonies for the fighters

Memorial ceremonies for the fighters near the paratroopers' memorials and the gathering of veterans of the Paratroopers Brigade and the fighters will be held at Ammunition Hill and in monuments:

Ammunition Hill, Ed Joz, Nablus Road, Lions' Gate and the Rockefeller Museum.

19:45 A ceremony marking the reunification of Jerusalem on Ammunition Hill

A State Ceremony to Mark the Release and Reunification of Jerusalem In the presence of the President of Israel,

The prime minister, ministers, the mayor, the chief of staff, the police commissioner and the bereaved families.

The program includes lighting flares of the combat brigades and an artistic performance.

Entrance to invited guests only. 

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