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| Jerusalem Restaurant Roundup: Corky Closes, Azza Street, Kosher Lamb Bacon, and More

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 16 May 12:30 PM

Its been a while since we did a Jerusalem restaurant roundup. Shall we? 

1. Corky, the well-loved kosher wine bar on Azza Street, closed this week. A fine local bar dedicated to educating the public about Israeli wines, the place often looked full, but in the day, expenses remained higher than revenues. Owner Evyatar Cohen still continues to own and operate the Kos Shel Bracha Wine Shop on Lamed Hey Street (and still offers free wine tastings every Friday)

2. Let's stay on Azza Street. In recent months, a number of places have opened, closed, or moved. We reported in March about the closure of Cafe Paris on the corner of Ben Maimon. Bein Azza L'Berlin, which was always located on the corner of Azza and Berlin, has moved about halfway up Azza, so the name is no longer accurate. That shouldn' bother loyalists of this longtime favorite hummus place. In its place (or more accurately, two doors down), a new hummus place has opened called Hummus Rehavia (Originally called Berlinazza, but it quickly changed that.) in the place where Pizza Bella used to be. Pizza Bella has merged with the ice cream place on the corner of Metudella, next to Carousella. Across the street, there's a new bar-cafe with "social kashrut certification and open on Shabbat" on the corner of Azza -Metudella next to Zigmunds. The new place has a name, but I can't remember it, and like many of the non-kosher bars along Azza, it doesn't have a sign up front. Meanwhile, Azza 40, a pioneer of non-kosher venues on Azza, has closed, and will be replaced by an expanded version of local makolet Feel Box. Got it? 

3. Hatch, a great homemade beer and sausage restaurant in the Shuk, has closed temporarily for renovations and expansion. Owner Ephraim Greenblatt plans to reopen in the next month or two, with more than twice as much floor space and new brewing and cooking facilities. Oh, on the topic of Anglo-owned restaurants in Mahane Yehuda, you know Mexican restaurant Burrito Chai closed in March, right? 

4. More: Arais Machneyuda opened near Machaneh Yehudah. Scala has re-opened in The David Citadel Hotel. And Sweet’n Karem opened a new kosher coffee shop in  the Ein Kerem neighborhood. And Sipsters Coffee (not technically a restaurant) announced on Sunday that it was closing after 7 years selling great coffee beans. 

5. It seems to me that the great restaurant trend of 2018 is kosher lamb bacon. Crave, Harvey's Smokehouse, and Beer Bazaar are already leading the way there, and we predict more restaurants will start serving that delicious product soon as well, 

Got any others? Tell us in the comments below.  


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