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| Jerusalem Foodie Review: Mister Potato

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 03 January 1:38 PM

Restaurant reviews written by Yitzi and Yigal, two Jerusalem foodie guys, at their The Two Jerusalem Foodie Guys Facebook page. 

Tonight I, Yigal, discovered a very new, Awesome hole in the wall place that is located several stores Left of the Jerusalem Central Bus Station - Mister Potato. It basically is all run the Executive Chef and Owner Shabtai Vaknin, and I ordered a huge (every thing there is huge, and he stuff the inside with an additional 1/2 of one) and quite high quality components and ingredients. I wish him and Mister Potato a lot of success wherever he may choose to have his establishment, as he said he may move his Super good operation to Shuk Machene Yehuda.

Baked, Creamed and Cheesy Potato filled with Butter, Yellow Cheese, Bulgarian Cheese, Mushrooms, Green Onions, Parsley, and Green Chili Pepper and topped with Alfredo Sauce. 96/100



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