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| Jerusalem Foodie Review: Hamburger Shel Segev

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 06 January 1:30 PM

Restaurant reviews written by Yitzi and Yigal, two Jerusalem foodie guys, at their The Two Jerusalem Foodie Guys Facebook page. 


As you hopefully already read the #twojerusalemfoodieguys started off 2019 with a bang...a 4-part Shuk restaurant hop that is!

Yigal spoke about Argento and then Selfys (which I didn't partake of). Here's the rest of the story.

We went to פפיטוס - Pepito's, where I had a Cubanito sammich and a Beef Empanada (out of chicken again) - this was just a quick stop before heading the soft-opening of Segev Machane Yehuda.

I originally only went to get a chicken sandwich to go, but after Yigal decided to order a small bit of filet (100g) which also comes with chips (regular or sweet potato - he took sweet) and a small side salad. I ordered a chicken sandwich to go.

I tasted a piece of Yigal's filet and decided I want a my own.

Segev is one of the only places over here that I will eat a steak at, I guess it doesn't hurt when you're getting some premium meat, coming from the owner's butchery (attached to the Talpiot branch) and the grill men know how to cook, it was an perfect med. rare. Chips and salad were nice as well and nothing better to wash it down then a coke from a glass bottle - just look at them curves 😁.

Really nice decor, great food and fast friendly service as always. The #twojerusalemfoodieguys wish Nisim and Sharon a hearty Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha on this new venture located at Hashkima 6, same street as Urbun, Crave and Ishtabach.

And that concludes our tour of the Shuk!


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