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| Kupah Dental Treatments Now Free or Subsidized Up to Age 18, Over 75

Chaya V    
Monday, 07 January 11:19 AM

What’s the difference between strep throat, and a toothache? Not much, technically, considering they both need medical care. But in Israel, only the former is covered by the health funds for everyone, reports Poenta, an Israeli consumer information site. For this reason, Yakov Leitzman, Deputy Minister of Health, backed a dental care reform in 2015, which as of 2019, will cover or subsidize dental treatments at health fund (kupah) dental clinics for anyone up to age eighteen. In addition, anyone older than 75 will receive free or low-cost treatments.

For those under 18, checkups and treatments will cost from 0-45 NIS maximum. For those age 75 and older, checkups are free, and treatments range from, for example, 17 NIS for flouride, to 136 NIS for a root canal, with not all treatments being subsidized. Those age 80 and older enjoy additional low-cost treatment subsidies, including prosthesis for 306 NIS, if performed at a health fund.

(Full story in Hebrew - Poenta)


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