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| Upgrades to the Jerusalem School System as Registration For Next Year Opens

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 09 January 10:00 AM
Among the updates for the coming school year: 
  • A new state elementary school in the neighborhood of Chomat Shmuel 
  • Luria Elementary School will become the young reserve of the Academy of Music and Dance 
  • New School in East Jerusalem in the Wadi Joz neighborhood
  • A new course of health and medical sciences at the Katamon Art Academy
  • Hundreds of new classes for Jerusalem students
Registration is open for kindergartens and schools in Jerusalem for the academic year 2009. The registration takes place between January 1, 2019 and will continue until Sunday, January 27, 2019), with the exception of registration in junior high schools that will continue until Sunday, January 20, 2019.

As in every year, parents are invited to register their children through the computerized registration system at the Municipality's website at On the registration days, the municipality operates a call center number 106 on Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00.

In addition, a reception center at Safra Square is open for new residents, new immigrants, families who have purchased or rented an apartment, parents of children who stay for another year in the kindergarten, and children without an identity card (photo attached to the passport of a child and parents) From the Shvat to the 27th of January,

General (State, State Religious) Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 13: 00-08: 30, Tuesday 16: 00-18: 00.

Haredi sector - Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00.

Arab sector - Sunday through Thursday from 17:00 to 8:00

All the relevant information regarding the information centers and hours of operation for the various sectors is also available on the Municipality's website and in the registration-related publications:

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon: "Education in Jerusalem is in the highest order of priorities, and we will invest our best efforts in the coming years. Hundreds of new classrooms for all sectors of the city, and a new school has been opened in the eastern part of the city, together with you, we will open up and increase the education system in the city in an effort to reach the highest possible level. "

The Education Administration of the Jerusalem Municipality notes a number of items for Jerusalem education for the 2009 school year:

Establishment of a six-year elementary school in the neighborhood of Harat Shmuel.
For the first time, the Jerusalem Municipality is setting up a state elementary school in the neighborhood of Chatam Shmuel. The new school will provide services to about 2,000 high school students who belong to the state stream and live in the city of Shmuel. The school will begin as a growing school that will be nurtured from the excellent state schools in Homet Shmuel: the Ilan Ramon School and the Ofarim School, which will continue the educational spirit of these elementary schools and lead to pedagogic innovation and educational initiatives. The school will be public and its gates open to all students and students of the public. The move, which was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the community center of Chatam Shmuel, was born out of the need to make a state high school accessible to neighborhood students who have been forced to travel to schools outside the neighborhood every morning. In a budget of NIS 42 million.

Luria Elementary School will become the school of the young reserve of the Academy of Music and Dance.
The Luria Elementary School was adopted by the Academy of Music and Dance, which is considered the best high school in Israel for the performing arts, and from now on it will be the elementary school from which students can continue to academia. Elementary school students receive dance and music lessons and the school staff consists of high school teachers. The Luria School is run by Ilana Oritzky, who previously served as Deputy Director of the Music and Dance High School. Approximately NIS 250,000 is invested in this process, which includes the integration of the music and dance programs in the school and the renovation of the required spaces (such as the construction of the dance studio).

A new mixed school will be established in East Jerusalem that will teach an Israeli matriculation track for grades 1 to 9. The school will be built in the Wadi Joz and Yikra neighborhood of Alwadi.
As part of an extensive effort to strengthen the official education system in East Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Municipality is building an official school for grades 1 to 9, which will be called Alwadi in the Wadi Joz neighborhood and will be a mixed school for boys and girls. The school will be opened in a new building with an investment of NIS 25 million and will include 18 mother classes (2 in the stratum). The school will focus on science, art and music, in addition to basic subjects. The school will be designed with innovative learning spaces that will enable the teaching staff to teach unique and innovative learning methods. The school building will also open a center of excellence that will operate on Sundays and will provide an answer to outstanding elementary students and students in East Jerusalem.

"Inbar" - a unique track for girls in the state education system in Jerusalem.
In the academic year of September, the Inbar program will open, a separate class for girls, in the Tali Beit Chinuch School in the south of the city. The goal of this unique track is to impart leadership and leadership tools, and to strengthen identity and gender discourse among adolescent girls. The track is the initiative of the Association for the Advancement of Education in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Education. Registration will be done in the registration system as an independent track - the Inbar course, and will be one of the parents' choices in the public schools.

Construction of hundreds of new classrooms in the city and access to information about kindergartens in the city.
As part of the construction of the large classrooms that the Jerusalem Municipality is leading, approximately 150 new classrooms will be built for the coming academic year throughout the city, for a total investment of NIS 187,500.00.

In addition, an information site on Jerusalem kindergartens was established. In order to provide an informative response to the need for new parents when registering their children for the first time in the city's kindergartens, the Jerusalem Municipality has established a site that contains information about kindergartens, their nature and location. This is a pilot project that currently includes about 200 kindergartens in the western part of the city, and if it succeeds, it will expand to all sectors and to all educational institutions. You can access the website at:

The Seligsberg High School will become the Keshet Re'em High School.
The Education Administration and the Ministry of Education joined together to merge the Seligsberg High School and the Keshet School of Education, which combines religious, traditional and secular students from Beit Keshet, together with the unique educational system of the Seligsberg High School. The move is expected to strengthen the high school and provide a more accurate response to the needs of the residents of the neighborhood and the school area.

The opening of a new track for health sciences and medicine at the Ulpanat Ha-Arts in the Katamon neighborhood.
In the coming school year, Ulpana will open a new study track for the subjects of: Health and Medical Sciences, and will also open a track for the arts. The new curriculum, which will be opened thanks to cooperation between the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Education and the Emunah network, will include innovative and unique teaching methods combined with interdisciplinary research, and will include social responsibility and contribution to the community.

The new junior high schools are expanding and growing - the new junior high school in the Ramot neighborhood and the junior high school of the Argentina Experimental School in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood are growing and inviting the Jerusalem students to enroll in innovative, close-to-home schools that enable learning in a personal atmosphere and provide a solution for every student.

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