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| Kochav Haba: Last final spots to be decided tonight

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 10 February 10:27 AM
From Israel Calling, with all the news for Eurovision 2019. 

In last Thursday's show, the Shalva Band threw their bomb-shell and bowed out of the competition. I think this was the best decision all round for reasons I will go into in another post. Suffice it to say, they have rightfully earned a place in the public's affection and will doubtless go from strength to strength. Even the Rabbi at our local synagogue mentioned them today in his Shabbat sermon about the example they have set for all of us. The best line on Thursday's show was from their bandleader, a truly gifted musician and also a committed atheist, who could only laugh as he had to sit through Aryeh Deri (convicted criminal, worshipped politician - go figure) lauding their actions.

But Kochav Haba still marches on with now only 2 slots filled for Monday night's Grand Final - Maya Bouskilla and Kitria. So tonight, the final 2 names will be selected from the following four performers:

1. Avraham di Carlo. The Brazilian oleh (immigrant) with the emotional husband. He is blessed with a powerful voice, and reminds the viewer of Elton John as he sits on the piano and belts out classics week after week, always hitting the notes that count. He just needs to crazy spectacles to complete the ruse. His problem may be his lack of flexibility but boy, he is a star in the making and guaranteed not to miss a note. So given the right song for the Eurovision, he could really do well. My pick for tonight. Here he is in his first revelatory performance on the show, singing Issues by Julia Michaels.

2. Shafita. The Arabesque parody act. She is clearly a unique personality and performer but there is no way we could present this to the world unless we are trying to goad the BDS.

Here she is singing Imagine.

3. Kobi Merimi. The totally one-of-a-kind hybrid of Borat and Freddy Mercury came back from the dead on Thursday night's show (a duel with Omer Biton). Not clear if this a desperate attempt to save the contest as the rumors about Shalva came through or that the concept of a Judge's Pick was pre-planned - but it made a bit of a mockery of the whole process. Anyway, I'm glad he's back since there's no-one like him this side of Alpha Centuri.

Here he is singing Nockin' on Heaven's Door

4. Daniel Barzilai. No relative of Netta and shares absolutely nothing of her charisma, or star qualities. A solid performer of Mizrahi standards but I hope this where we say good-bye.


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