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| 13 Top Instagram Snapshot Spots in Israel

Chaya V    
Sunday, 07 April 10:27 AM


When traveling around Israel you’re bound to bump into a great photo op with every twist and turn of the stunning terrain. Modern city skyscrapers, colorful Middle Eastern open-air markets, Roman ruins, sunny beaches, and desert hills are all cause to keep your phone plastered firmly in your hand at all times.

But then again, you might just be looking for something a little more captivating than the usual. Well, you’re in luck — flex your selfie-taking wrists and gather a group of eye-catching hashtags because we’ve put together a list of the most Instagrammable places in Israel.

Just don’t forget to put down that phone and take in the moment once you’re done posting to your feed.

1. Beit Guvrin National Park Bell Caves


An ancient center of trade, this historical site is known for its glimpses of Jewish life in the hillside south of Jerusalem throughout the ages, as well as its many caves once used for quarrying rocks, and even for the keeping of ancient commercial pigeons (go figure).

The Bell Caves still have an exotic allure, attracting recording artist Matisyahu there to film scenes from his 2012 “Sunshine” video, wedding couples to document their special day, an just about anyone with a smartphone (and in some cases a dancer’s leotard), who want to capture the play on light, shadows and biblical landscapes.

2. Jaffa


Some come to Jaffa for the street art, some for the flea market, some for the food, and some for the Mediterranean coast. Any way you swing it, Jaffa is an amazing spot for snapping some Instagrammable pics of hummus, fashion, sunsets, and of course those famous angel wings created by artist Yochai Matos, in an alley adjacent to the “Nalaga’at” deaf-blind theater center. Make a day of it and see just how many beautifully alluring shots you can rack up.



3. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve


Where are you most likely to find both baby ibex and waterfalls in Israel? Well, that would be Ein Gedi. A desert oasis, Ein Gedi is like nature’s theme park.

Wild animals including gophers and the Negev desert billy goat-like creatures mentioned above aren’t fazed by the hiking tourists, making getting a shot for the gram almost comically easy. Then there are the different levels of waterfalls and natural swimming pools which beg you to break out your bikini and grab a snapshot like this one here.


4. Café Levinsky, 41 Levinsky Street, Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is a restaurant city. With thousands of places to choose from, none is quite as Instagrammable as Café Levinsky just outside the hip Levinsky Market.

Attracting foodies from all over, this South Tel Aviv spot is the only place in Israel where you can find kombucha sodas infused with herbs, flowers, botanicals and other concoctions made by master soda mixologist Benny Briga. So refreshingly different and delicious, it’s nearly impossible not to snap a shot to be displayed on the Internet for all to see.

5. Ramon Crater


Whether you can’t wait to share what life is like in the lap of luxury in
the posh Beresheet hotel on the top edge of a desert crater, or you’re dying to document the unfiltered Milky Way taking over the Negev night sky from down below, the Ramon Crater is definitely up there when it comes to places to get some unforgettable shots of southern Israel’s natural beauty and wonder. Post some incredible shots to Insta, and watch the likes roll in.


6. Timna National Park


Like Israel’s version of Arches National Park, this ancient copper mining site in history, dating back to ancient Egypt, is a current-day goldmine for unique photos of red sand, unusual rock formations and the mysterious terrain outside of the city of Eilat.

Timna is also the location of Israel’s newest international airport, Ramon Airport, nestled in below the Eilat mountains — another place that ain’t all that bad for snapping a shot if you happen to be passing through on your way to or from your next European vacay.

7. Midburn Israel


Happening this year in early June, Midburn is where you can see some of the craziest, or at least less conventional and very snappable things. Midburn Israel is an offshoot of the world-famous Burning Man festival, and the largest gathering of its kind in the Middle East.

Happening in the beautiful Negev desert just south of the city of Beersheva, Midburn is a five-day free-for-all that, if nothing else, will certainly make your Instagram account a little more colorful, figuratively speaking.

8. Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market on a Saturday


The market might be packed with people and experiences from Sunday to Thursday, day and night, but come Friday evening and especially Saturday morning, Machane Yehuda’s vendors and restaurants have their doors — or rather metal grates — shut tight, revealing another layer of the market’s appeal.

Plastered with modern street art by artist Solomon Souza, these metals grates are emblazoned with portraits of both modern and ancient Israeli figures, as well as famous rabbis and pieces that serve as cultural commentary. This magnificent display is all there just waiting to be explored and photographed by you at your leisure, free of charge.

9. Haifa Downtown/Port Area


Whether you’re in this historic area for the great street food, the underground art scene, or the famous German Colony nearby, this place is packed with the heart and soul of Haifa, which just so happens to be one of the most selfie-worthy spots in all of Israel.

Grab a shot of one of the many street-art murals produced by local collective Broken Fingaz Crew or get a view of the working Mediterranean port from up high in the peaceful Baha’i Gardens.


10. Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve


A national park set high in the hills above the Sea of Galilee, this spot is both swimming in history (the caves carved into the hillside were used by Jews in the Second Temple period to seek refuge from Greek and Roman persecution) and natural beauty.

With views down across the sea, and on a clear day to Mount Hermon in the north, Arbel is a majestic spot for capturing a photo or two.


11. Wadi Qelt (Ein Prat) Nature Reserve


A deep canyon in the desert valley between Jericho and Jerusalem with a hiking trail, natural springs and a monastery carved into the mountain face, Wadi Qelt has so much to offer hikers. Just enough off the beaten path to feel like a special one-of-a-kind experience, and with awe-inspiring natural and manmade beauty, this is one locale that is sure to get you the likes you’re after when you upload your gorgeous photo.

12. The Dead Sea


Kind of obvious, we admit, but farther from the touristy Dead Sea beaches of Ein Bokek the road less traveled will score you some insanely beautiful pics of this rare natural phenomenon.

A boat ride into nearly uncharted waters with journalist Noam Bedein from the Dead Sea Revival Project (Dead Sea Story) will reveal a different side of the shrinking sea and all the salty wonders to be found there.


13. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Old City, Jerusalem

A holy spot for Christians of every denomination, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a fascinating spot to visit for people of all religions and beliefs.
Filled with wall etchings from the time of the Crusaders, religiously significant landmarks, and artwork from the Armenian, Ethiopian and the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox churches displayed in the respective chapels, the caves, nooks, and hidden galleries of the church provide the perfect place for reflection, observing the customs of its varied visitors, and capturing a serious snapshot of the spiritual aspect of Christianity in this crossroads of monotheistic religions.


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