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| Dead Sea mall now duty free, even for Israelis

Chaya V    
Monday, 08 April 2:01 PM

Translated with permission from Poenta.

The Dead Sea Mall has become a VAT-free shopping mall for Israelis as well. So far, the mall has granted VAT exemptions to tourists, and now all buyers - Israelis and tourists - enjoy prices without VAT. This is not an initiative of the State of Israel, but rather a private initiative. The discount is subsidized by the management of the mall and merchants. Currently, the VAT exemption is for two years, while the VAT discount does not apply during end-of-season operations, and is subject to the regulations appearing on the company's website.

The Dead Sea Mall sells brands such as Boss, Pandora, Armani Exchineig, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and other luxury brands. With the establishment of the project, the mall offered, for the first time in Israel, a VAT refund for tourists. The mall reports that every year about 3 million tourists arrive at the Dead Sea, and the repayment position placed at the mall allows them to save the wait at Ben Gurion Airport. Until now, VAT-free was granted only in Eilat, and this is probably one of the main reasons for the success of Eilat's Hayam Mall.

According to Hagai Adoram, a representative of Barclays, the developer of the Dead Sea Mall, "The company continues the line that began when it initiated a unique and first move in Israel to establish a VAT refund center for tourists already in the mall. Now there will be a shopping mall without tax for them - both for tourists and Israelis." Adoram emphasizes that "since the mall provides a VAT discount and not an official VAT exemption, the tourists actually earn twice: they also receive a VAT discount and are also entitled to a VAT refund, which is unprecedented even in Eilat." This means that if a product is sold for NIS 100 after a VAT discount, the tourist can still go with the receipt and receive a VAT refund.

In fact, this will be the first mall in Israel outside of Eilat which will be a mall without VAT.

The Dead Sea Mall is one of the most prestigious commercial projects ever made in Israel. The mall is built on 15 thousand square meters with two storeys of commerce, and houses about 100 stores.

Approximately 300 million shekels were invested in the construction of the mall. The full list of stores and products participating in VAT discounts appears in the detailed regulations that are available on the Company's website at


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