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| Jerusalem helps needy families for Pesach

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 11 April 12:01 PM
For the first time, the Department for Employee Welfare and the Training Department of the Municipality of Jerusalem set out with municipal employees to prepare food kits for Passover for disadvantaged families.

The food baskets for the families will be distributed by the sanitation department according to a receipt that will be received by the welfare department.

As a mediator between associations that are interested in helping and assisting needy families, and about 350 families, they receive gift certificates in the amount of NIS 200,000.

In addition, the community resources department, in cooperation with the community leaders, will hold about 40 Pesach seders for each and every needy person. The Passover seder will be held as usual and will include a holiday meal.

For details about the places where the Pesach seder will take place, contact the welfare offices or in the neighborhood community center.

At the same time, the Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Welfare Department, allocated a special budget for vacationers to host a few veteran residents on the first and second holidays, free of charge.

These are about 50 elderly people in 7 vacation homes and old age homes in Jerusalem and, if necessary, additional vacationers outside of Jerusalem.

Volunteers contacted some 200 individual Holocaust survivors to examine the need to host the Seder, and accordingly, they were placed in a variety of possibilities in the city.

In addition, food parcels were distributed to about 300 Holocaust survivors, and Pesach was cleaned in the homes of 32 Holocaust survivors through the volunteers.

An additional needs assessment is carried out through community support teams and social workers at the welfare offices in order to complete assistance to the needy residents of the neighborhoods.

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