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| Jerusalem setting up nature park in Wadi Zimri in Pisgat Zeev

Zev Stub    
Monday, 15 April 11:39 AM
The City of Jerusalem is currently promoting, through the city planning department, another leading park for urban nature in northern Jerusalem, alongside the establishment of the Deer Valley Park, which was built in the center of the city.

The municipality examined a number of sites with unique natural characteristics, including Wadi Zimri, Um Tuba, Mitzpeh Naftoach, Nahal Tzofim, Nahal Ein Kerem, Nahal Koss, the Peace Forest and more.

Among the sites examined were Wadi Zimri in Pisgat Ze'ev, which was chosen and decided to advance it into an urban nature park. In the future, the municipality intends to promote and develop additional parks.

Wadi Zimri is located between Pisgat Ze'ev East and Pisgat Ze'ev Center, and already serves the residents of the neighborhood for walks in nature and various community activities. In Wadi Zimri, there are about 200 deer currently in need of a continuous and high quality living space, as well as foxes, wild boars, saplings, and other animals. In the wadi are wild plants that are characteristic of the desert area.

The Jerusalem Municipality, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority and the Pisgat Ze'ev Community Council will begin promoting a large-scale plan covering an area of approximately 700 dunams with a professional planning team headed by landscape architect Raz Matalon, which will include Mini Sportek, Leisure and recreation activities, as well as conservation areas of the natural system - animals, natural vegetation, water sources and the like.

Mayor Moshe Lion noted that "Wadi Zimri Park has designated Jerusalem as one of the most advanced and green cities in the world, and will continue to lead the city in the development of natural sites, in cooperation with the public, for its benefit, And vegetation in Jerusalem. "

Wadi Zimri Park will be the first regional park in northern Jerusalem and is expected to be used by all neighborhoods in the north of the city and even visitors outside of Jerusalem.

Wadi Zimri Park joins a series of projects currently being promoted in Pisgat Zeev, including a swimming pool that is about to open, a culture hall, a youth center under construction, and Pisgat Ze'ev - Moreno Park, which opened this year.

These days, the planning team, the northern quarter and the community administration are preparing for a process of public participation in the neighborhood.

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