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| During vacation, check out Jerusalem's libraries!

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 16 April 12:26 PM
The neighborhood library invites the children to enter the library and enjoy quality books, free fun activities of story hours, puppet theater, comics workshops, film festival and more.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: "We provide educational alternatives for parents even on the children's vacation days without additional payment.

In 12 libraries throughout the city, there will be 28 activities for children and free admission during the week!

11 libraries are expanding the hours of activity this week and will be open to children and the general public throughout the week (except Tuesdays) between 10:00 - 19:00, Tuesday 10: 00-13: 00

In recent months, the Jerusalem Municipality has been making a change in the municipal libraries,

- The story hours that take place in the library every week throughout the year - free entrance!

- Any other activity in the library during the year - puppet theater, workshops, etc. - free of charge or at a nominal fee of 10 NIS maximum

- An annual plan for expanding the hours of activity and holding cultural activities for the entire family within the library on 17 days of vacation from the non-exempt schools of the entire economy (eg, the days of Isro-Chag, Hanukkah week, the week preceding the Passover holiday, etc.)

Bentzi Bitteran, in charge of the libraries in the Jerusalem Municipality: "In preparation for Passover, this week there will be 28 events and activities in neighborhood libraries for free.

I am pleased to see the significant leap in the library system is taking place these days - expanding the hours of activity, holding events and cultural activities for the community, and soon joining the innovative digital service and more. All these provide residents with quality and valuable service within the municipal library.

I see great importance in opening the library's doors to every child in Jerusalem, who can come to the library next to the house to enjoy fascinating cultural content, meet more children from the neighborhood and of course read more books. "

Ariela Rajwan, Deputy Director General of Social Culture and Sport: "The municipal libraries in Jerusalem neighborhoods constitute a power multiplier as a cultural-community center alongside the neighborhood community administration.

We at the Society Culture and Sports Administration are pleased to hold diverse and interesting cultural activities for the entire family in the neighborhoods and see the library system as a fascinating platform for these activities.

The libraries in the world in 2019 undergo revolutionary changes - if in the past the library was closed, quiet and alienated - today the library opens to the public and is a fascinating public space for events and activities.

The library network in Jerusalem brings news to the residents of the city and will continue to provide quality and innovative service for the residents. "

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