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Jerusalem Life

| Chag Sameach! LOTS of Pesach Events, Info, News and More

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 17 April 3:16 PM

Wow! Everyone is running around getting ready for Pesach, the festival of our national freedom. Just make sure not to let the preparations become a form of slavery...

We at Janglo wish you and all of Israel a fulfilling and truly joyous Pesach holiday. Chag sameach!

Jerusalem News:

Jerusalem setting up nature park in Wadi Zimri in Pisgat Zeev
Jerusalem's Old City now accessible to people with disabilities
Jerusalem cleaning up private areas in Talpiot
Jerusalem Revamps its 106 Municipal Call Center
Rami Levy to build Jerusalem hotel
New Hotel Approved Across from Jerusalem Theater
Nice Idea: Pick up 3 pieces of trash a day with Hitorerut Jerusalem
Jerusalem has revamped Nachlaot's Gan HaTut
Ramban synagogue appoints Rabbi Benny Lau's successor
Compromise reached to reinstate the Jerusalem Pool on Emek Refaim
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More Updates:

Israel's New Credit Rating System Launches
Tel Aviv smart ridesharing begins
90+ TOP New Jobs In Israel April 15!
US Embassy announces new visa for Israelis
New natural gas discovery made off Israeli shore
US publishes first map showing Golan as Israeli territory
Israelis print world's first 3D heart with blood vessels
Dead Sea mall now duty free, even for Israelis
Good News From Israel This Week
Airbnb cancels its ban on Israeli settlement listings
Bible-era chicken egg reconstructed in Israel, cracking mystery
Tel Aviv municipality to run free Shabbat buses to Eurovision
El Al launches ride-sharing site
Watch: Beresheet featured on Nas Daily
13 Top Instagram Snapshot Spots in Israel
Government price control leads to butter shortage
Israeli's hand farts rock Britain's Got Talent


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