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| The future of energy

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 07 July 4:06 PM

There is a wide agreement among scientists that greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted as a by-product of human activities are a main contributor to climate change and global temperature rise. An increase of 2°C or more pose a real threat to our societies and livelihood. Therefore limiting emissions is the key for mitigating climate change. Approximately 75% of the anthropogenic GHG are generated by our energy systems, i.e., electricity, transportation and industry. It is well understood that providing low carbon energy is a goal shared by all countries, and one of the principal reasons for the recent surge in clean energy investments, which in 2018 exceeded $300 Billion. Indeed, we are now in the beginning of a new and fascinating energy revolution, as our energy systems going through fundamental changes: wind turbines and solar energy replace bid old coal-fired power plants; electric vehicles are replacing petrol savvy cars; and new efficient technologies take over the old manufacturing processes. These changes, together with the advancement in big data and machine learning open up numerous and fascinating opportunities for new technologies and businesses – ‘businesses with impact’, which are good for the entrepreneurs themselves, but equally good for society and the environment. 

How the future energy market will look like? Will it be like Airbnb, where we generate our electricity on the roof and trade it with neighbors? Will small microgrids be prevalent in every neighborhood? Can smart appliances manage our household electricity consumption and ‘talk’ with the PV on the roof? And where will we charge our electric car – at home? At Work? Or maybe while driving it on the road? 

What are the main new emerging generation technologies - Thermal PV? Horizontal wind turbines? Waves barrage? Ocean thermal? Waste burning? Or maybe small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs)?

What are the new trends in storage technologies that will enable us to store sun and wind energy for later use during night time and windless hours - Batteries? Fuel cells? Spinning wheels? 

Could machine learning and big data technologies help us improving the way we consume energy and improve efficiency, thus helping consumers save money while protecting the environment? 

Will these technologies help us to bring clean and sustainable energy to the one Billion people around the world who are not yet connected to the electricity grid? And how all these changes likely to impact the security of our energy system?

Any energy entrepreneurs, policymakers and regulator would benefit from an informed vision as to how the future energy system will look like and from a good understanding of energy economics and regulation principles.

In the Dual major degree Sustainability and Government, we emphasize on energy.  Leading energy experts equip students with the essential knowledge and skills needed for the future energy labor market. During their studies students are exposed to the latest developments and the state of the art of energy technologies, as well as to the positive and negative environmental implications they entail. In class students learn about energy regulation and policy making, energy economics and markets, energy security and the geopolitics of energy. Beyond class, students participate in the various energy conferences and seminars which the school of Sustainability organizes. Conference about the impact of black-swan scenarios on the electricity system, about energy peer-2-peer trading and microgrids, about public participation in energy decision making, about energy innovations and many more.  



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