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Jerusalem Life

| Jerusalem to become even cleaner with new municipal reforms

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 08 August 11:54 AM
Jerusalem said Wednesday it was entering a new level in its sanitation reforms.

The goal - a clean city!

This significant phase joins the garbage disposal project on Saturday night, which reaps great praise, and is set to expand throughout the city.

Garbage disposal on Saturday night significantly eases the evacuation on Sunday mornings, significantly eases congestion in transportation within neighborhoods, significantly reduces residents' complaints and contributes significantly to cleanliness and quality of life in the city.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion: "Jerusalem's clean-up reform includes a number of key components - efficient and effective garbage disposal throughout the city, including Saturday night; adding cleaning companies on city streets and neighborhoods; deploying additional public services throughout the city and maintaining thorough cleaning; setting defined days; This will cut trash and special garbage; clearing abandoned vehicles around the city, thereby clearing more parking space; upgrading streets; external cleaning of historic buildings and preserving them; and enforcement. We will continue to make every effort for the well-being of our residents, cleaning our city and quality of life. I am here - for you! "

For the purpose of cleaning the city, and maintaining it at a high level of cleanliness, the task will also involve external companies, which will be responsible for the cleaning of defined neighborhoods in the city. The reform is in cooperation with the workers and with the agreement of the Histadrut.

Mayor Moshe Lion and Jerusalem Histadrut Chairman Danny Bonfill agreed that a thorough implementation of the city's clean-up reform would require a bunch of other outside companies for the mission. This is not at the expense of the employees, not in place of most permanent employees, but in addition to them.

Some of the employees wanted to join the voluntary retirement plan currently underway and special for them, and some, the transient, could be employed by companies that would win the tender to implement the clean-up reform.

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