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| Jerusalem chooses new light rail operator, replacing CityPass

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 08 August 11:58 AM
Goodbye CityPass: Jerusalem said Wednesday that its light rail will be run by a new operator, TransJerusalem J-Net LTD. 

The joint inter-ministerial tender committee for finance, transport and the Jerusalem Municipality, together with the Transportation Master Plan team, announced on Thursday the proposal of the company TransJerusalem J-Net LTD as the winner of the tender for the light rail network in Jerusalem - the JNET network. TransJerusalem J-Net LTD is a dedicated company set up for the project and is jointly owned by Shafir and the Spanish CAF.

The light rail network in Jerusalem - the JNET network - includes the Red Line, which will be extended in the north of the city to service residents of the Neve Ya'akov neighborhood, and in the south, to the passenger service to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. The network also includes the new line, from the Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus, to the Malcha and Gilo neighborhoods, with branches to the Hebrew University in Givat Ram and Givat Shaul neighborhoods. The network is expected to have a total length of over 40 km which will pass through the demand centers in Jerusalem.

This is one of the largest transport projects in Europe and the Middle East currently being built, and in a mass transit system that is expected to transport about half a million passengers every day. The project includes the construction of 27 km of new rails, the construction of 50 new stations, the design and production of over 100 cars, the construction of a central Depo complex that will include a car park and garage for a control and control center, parking and parking garages and level separations at central intersections.

The project will be implemented using PPP - Public Private Partnership, and will be the largest project of this kind to date in Israel. As part of the project, the franchisee will operate and maintain the existing red line, while at the same time financing, establishing, operating and strengthening the extension of the red line and the new line. The franchisee will operate the network for a period of 15 years with an option for another 10 years and maintain the network for 25 years. TransJerusalem J-Net LTD is expected to begin planning work during the current year and the network will be phased in, starting from the end of 2022 to fully operational in 2025.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon: "This is historic news for the city of Jerusalem. I am delighted and excited to have chosen an operator to continue the construction and operation of light rail in the city. Mass transit systems are the solution to congestion on the roads, which will bring a wide public to a fast, efficient and safe ride. This is in addition to a significant reduction in air pollution and high accessibility throughout the city.The Jerusalem Municipality will donate to accelerate work and bring more light rail lines as quickly as possible, for the sake of the residents. I would like to thank the Ministry of Finance and Transport for supporting and funding this project. . "


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