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| Dozens of Shows Ready for 28th Jerusalem Puppet Festival

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Friday, 16 August 10:54 AM

If you’re in Israel this month, head to Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park for the 28th Jerusalem Puppet Festival, August 18-22, to catch dozens of debut performances by puppeteers from Israel, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium and The Netherlands.

In addition to children’s theater, workshops, bubbles, circus shows, water games and sports, every afternoon the Village of Fairies and Elves will open (for a fee) featuring a fairy band, a boutique for elves, an upside-down classroom, an enchanted tree. There will be an activity and arts and craft complexes for parents and children.

The outdoor festival, running from 10 in the morning to 11 at night, also offers evening shows geared to adults, plus live music. A kosher food complex in the center of the park will include a variety of food trucks, while at night there will be an open bar for adults.

Free performances are scheduled for the Liberty Bell Park Amphitheater. Ticketed shows will be available in nearby venues including The Train Theater, Begin Heritage Center and Jerusalem Music Center.

Among the shows planned are a premiere of “A Concert in the Sand,” a Train Theater production of the children’s story by Tami Shem-Tov and Rachella Sandbank about the first philharmonic orchestra concert in Tel Aviv. The first performance will open the festival in Zedekiah’s Cave; it will be performed again for the general audience during the festival.

From Germany, Dumpu Dinki will present a hand theater show with live drum music. “Wild Puppets” — three performances using different object and puppet theater technique – will be staged by the Belgian TOF Theater, and object theater artist Ariel Doron will present “Boxed” and “Plastic Heroes” for adults.

Call *3569 to order tickets.

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