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| Jerusalem wins tenders for 2 huge incentive tour groups

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Wednesday, 11 September 11:16 AM

Jerusalem has a reason to celebrate. In the coming weeks, 8,300 employees of two major companies will visit Israel on what is called "incentive trips." They will leave $20 million behind them, not including prices of flight tickets from the US and Latin America. "No international conference to date has made such a financial contribution," says Eshet Incoming CEO Amnon Ben-David, which won a hosting tender together with the Jerusalem municipality (Jerusalem and Athens reached the finals of the tender).

No country, destination, or tourism provider would be indifferent to a share of incentive tourism. The sector is growing by leaps and bounds, with annual turnovers in the tens of billions of dollars. It includes incentive tours for outstanding employees, managers, and customers. Incentive tours totaled an estimated $60 billion in 2018. 50% of incentive tours globally come from US companies.

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