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| Jerusalem Traffic and roadworks Update

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 07 November 3:02 PM
Following the numerous complaints about traffic jams around the city in the past week, the Jerusalem Municipality is updating its drivers update on the work currently in progress around the city. 

The Jerusalem Municipality, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and the Israel Police, is currently conducting a traffic light project on Hebron, which will create a preference for public transport (for buses) throughout the city. Similar to the light rail project, where designated traffic light spotters identify the train approaching the traffic light, and upon arrival at the traffic light, green light is stopped, so it stops only at passenger lift and drop-off stations, so on Hebron a similar project for public transport (buses) began.

The works that include the new traffic arrangement began last week (Sunday - October 27, 19), during which two traffic lights were carried out - the traffic light at the Albek junction and the traffic light at the Queen Esther junction. This week, work began on the two main intersections of Mary Hasmonean and Yehuda Streets, and in the next two weeks, four more traffic lights at the intersections of Ein Gedi and Dostoyevsky Streets will take place, up to the swing street.

The works will include changing traffic arrangements, arranging left turns, changing one-way traffic directions on the streets of Judah and Esther Queen, and separating public transport traffic lights from private vehicle traffic lights in order to avoid confusion between the two traffic lights.

As mentioned, the purpose of the works is to encourage public transport - on buses, through continuous bus travel, without waiting at traffic lights, and to address the safety problems along the Hebron Road which in recent years has been a red and battered road accident.

The project is intended for tens of thousands of residents of the southern city neighborhoods (Gilo, Beit Safafa, Hume Shmuel, Tzur Baher, Om Tova, East Talpiot, Young Arnona and Arnona), using the bus lines passing in the DCP through Hebron for tens of thousands of commuter trips per day.

It should be emphasized that there was no change in the private vehicle's travel routes along Hebron Road, and in addition, the municipality operates more than ten qualified traffic guides during the project, in addition to the traffic cops located in the works.


The investment in the project is about NIS 20 million and the work is due to be completed in the coming month.

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