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| Traffic Arrangements for the Satmer Rebbe's Visit (Mon-Tues)

Zev Stub    
Monday, 18 November 3:00 PM
Info provided by a Janglo user. 

The Satmar Rebbe of New York arrives tomorrow for an 11 day visit. He will also be travelling to Beit Shemesh, Bnei Brak, Tzfas and Meron on this trip. 

Here are the traffic arrangements before and during the event:

• Today (Monday), starting at 8:00 pm, the right-hand lane will be moved on Sarei Yisrael Street, between the intersections of Israelis -  Sarei Yisrael Street and Malchei Yisrael. (Traffic will only be possible in the left lane, and traffic loads are expected instead).

• Tomorrow (Tuesday), from 4 pm until late evening, the following street traffic will be blocked:


-Malchei Yisrael - 2 directions.

- Sarei Yisrael - 2 directions.

- Shamgar Junction - Sarei Yisrael

- צומת יפושרי ישראל

- No vehicle will be allowed to reach nearby and leading streets.

• Main axes to remain open to traffic to which drivers will be directed:

- Yirmiyahu


- Shazar - Public transport only.

- Begin Avenue.

- Rabin.

Due to anticipation of heavy traffic loads, the police recommend to the public to plan and advance their travel according to the time of the event, and use a navigation app. "We urge the public to heed the police instructions and be patient," police spokesmen said.
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