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| 22 fabulous holiday gifts from Israel, for all budgets

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Monday, 25 November 10:29 AM

Israelis are quickly adopting Black Friday — the day of huge sales after American Thanksgiving that officially opens the December holiday shopping season.

No matter where you live, you can buy Israeli gifts from the comfort of home. Why deal with traffic, parking and long waits at check-out?

We’ve picked 22 items for every person on your gift list and for every budget, ranging from $11 to $599.

Sock Monsters Laundry Sock Locks, by Ototo Studio, $11.20
The perfect gift or stocking filler for anyone who has ever lost a sock in the laundry. Yes, that’s right, all of us. Ototo’s silicone sock monsters are designed to help keep socks together when you wash and dry them, whether it’s in the tumble dryer or on the line.

There are eight different sock monsters to each box. Check out Ototo Studio’s other amusing products too.

Super Taki by Shafir Games, $12.99
This popular Israeli card game for ages six to adult is like Crazy Eights and UNO, with the added twist of strategy and interaction among the players. The package includes instructions in English and 116 linen-finish cards. From two to 10 people can play.

Arthur Egg Cup Holder, by Peleg Design, $13.84
Peleg Designs never fails to produce witty and sweet designs for your home. Here they’ve turned the humble egg into an egg in shining armor, with their King Arthur egg cup holder, which includes a spoon “sword” and protective helmet that keeps your egg warm until you’re ready to eat.

Peleg also does a pair of sumo egg holders for $15.99, that are definitely worth a mention, and a yogi sponge holder for $12.99. Hard to choose which is the best. All round adorable.

Shani’s Shoebox by Rinat Hoffer, $15.99
This delightful book for ages 4-8 is one of the only titles by award-winning Israeli children’s author Rinat Hoffer that’s translated into English. (Hoffer’s Hebrew bestsellers include Ayelet Metayelet and Hanan Haganan.)

When Shani gets new shoes for Rosh Hashanah, she reuses the shoebox for creative projects to mark Jewish festivals throughout the year – including, of course, Hanukkah.

Safed Handcrafted Hanukkah Candles, Blue/Yellow/Red 45-Pack, $16.30
Made in Israel by the famed Safed Candle Company for Majestic Giftware, these 45 hand-dipped wax candles are 6 inches long and burn for about an hour.

The package also contains the text of the blessings in Hebrew and English. There are also lots more colors to choose from, catering to every taste.

Chutzpah: Why Israel Is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Inbal Arieli, $18.99

Our guest columnist Inbal Arieli  says chutzpah is an essential spice in the secret sauce of Israel’s innovation culture because it fosters entrepreneurial skills from a young age.

Her book proposes structures, concepts and principles that can be used by parents, executives, innovators and policymakers anywhere to follow Israel’s example.

Sindyanna Trio Gift Set, $21.99
Produced by a fair-trade nonprofit in the Upper Galilee employing Jewish and Arab women, Sindyanna extra-virgin olive oil has won many awards. This gift package contains three 3.38-ounce bottles — House Blend (Barne’a, Coratina and Arbequina), Barne’a and Coratina — for every need from cooking to skincare.

Shoresh Body & Soul Organic Cocoa Body Butter – Orange and Vanilla  (220ml), $23

Nicole Cohen makes this moisturizing body butter from organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, cold-pressed almond oil, organic vanilla CO2 essential oil and orange essential oil. Cocoa butter helps heal dry, cracked skin and is a great source of natural antioxidants.

Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors from my Israeli Kitchen by Adeena Sussman, $25.68
In the pages of this acclaimed cookbook, American-Israeli food writer Adeena Sussman takes you to the bustling stalls of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market to find fresh ingredients — juicy ripe figs and cherries, locally made halva, addictive street food, and delectable cheeses and olives.

Sababa contains 125 recipes for dishes inspired by this multicultural culinary wonderland.

Paper Mache Pomegranate Mobile from Yad Lakashish, $25.80

When you buy this colorful mobile made of recycled paper, you not only get a lovely home accessory.

You also help support the elderly people who handmade it at Jerusalem’s Yad LaKashish workshop in exchange for a living wage and a supportive community.

Each pomegranate is approximately 2 by 3.3 inches; the mobile is about 41 inches long.

Monkey Business Corkers Dinosaurs Family, $27.95
Don’t toss out wine corks. Turn them into dinosaurs with the pieces in this fun kit from Israel’s Monkey Business, designed by Reddish Studio and Monkey Business founder Oded Friedland. Corkers dinos, and other members of the Corkers family of products, make great party favors.

Yoffi Israeli Authentic Halva Spread, 3-Flavor Gift Set, $33
A heavenly taste of sesame-based halva candy from people who’ve been making it for generations. There’s cocoa halva from Tel Aviv, vanilla from Jerusalem and coffee from Old Akko. Kosher and pareve.

Falafel Wall Clock from Barbara Shaw Gifts, $33
Made in Jerusalem — like any self-respecting falafel would be — this lighthearted clock will remind you that it’s always time for lunch, Israeli-style.

Your gift recipient just needs to pop in one AA battery (you might include one to complete the gift) and hang it on the wall. If falafel is a little too quirky, you can also buy a more classic version of this clock with the word Ahava (love), written on it in Hebrew for $35.

TLV: Recipes and Stories from Israel by Jigal Krant, $35.80
This is a cookbook, narrative and photo essay in one beautiful volume. Krant helps readers capture the essence and flavors of Tel Aviv.

You’ll find recipes for street food (hummus, falafel, shakshuka and sabich) and see dishes common to the city’s infinite restaurants, where chefs make poetic use of the eating traditions of their immigrant population and Arab neighbors.

Tealight candle holders  by Orly Rabinowitz, $46

Colors such as bright pink, orange, light blue, and vivid green in these handmade polymer clay and glass tealight candle holders really pop in the glow of lit candles. They can also be admired on their own for their beautiful use of the Millefiori technique that requires no paint.

Seven Species Armenian Serving Bowl by Quality Judaica, $49.95

This 10-inch ceramic bowl was made and hand-painted in Israel. The richly patterned Armenian style of pottery is a favorite in the shops of Jerusalem’s Old City. You don’t have to travel anywhere to get one of them for yourself or for the people on your gift list

Tree of Life vegan handmade soaps,  $53

You get an extra bonus when you choose a bundle of 10 Tree of Life soaps:  They come gift-wrapped and you can add a greeting card. The soaps are handmade from ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil and cocoa butter. Their pretty hues come from natural colorants and their scents from essential oils.

Unisex Concrete and Silver Circle Necklace, by Baara Jewelry, $90

In her Jerusalem studio, Baara Guggenheim creates minimalist geometric jewelry, incorporating lightweight concrete and other unconventional materials along with silver and gold.

Her handmade concrete and silver circle necklace can be for either men or women, and features a circular sterling silver pendant cast with concrete, on a black ash waxed cotton string. It also comes in a gold version.

Map of Israel  by The Jerusalem Scribe, $200

Scribal artist  Kalman Gavriel Delmoor offers this colorful calligraphed map of Israel made up of the words of the Prayer for Israel, surrounded by verses from the Prophets.

TytoHome medical exam kit from TytoCare, $299.99

TytoHome is a home medical kit and telehealth platform so you don’t have to drag the kids to the doctor. The modular unit examines body temperature, heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and abdomen, and sends results to a healthcare provider.

Invented in Israel, TytoHome is available at Best Buy stores across the United States and at The cost of each exam, not exceeding $59.99, depends on the nature of the exam and/or the user’s health insurance plan.

G-RO carryon luggage, $445
Israel’s G-RO is disrupting the luggage market  with products such as this 9x14x22-inch, 9.3-pound carry-on bag.

Its GravityRoll wheels, guaranteed for life, can handle steps, curbs, snow and more – as well as increase the amount of internal packing space. It’s got an adjustable telescopic handle, garment expansion sleeve, luggage strap and external pockets. Included are a Bluetooth luggage locator, dual USB ports and a removable power bank.

Raptor AR Smartglasses by Everysight, $599

If you have a serious cyclist on your gift list, this ride computer could be the best present ever. Equipped with voice control and heads up display, Raptor AR Smartglasses project an unobtrusive augmented reality layer of information in front of the biker’s eyes.

Raptor’s HD front-facing camera allows the user to relive moments with real-time metrics embedded on the videos. Based in Israel, Everysight ships only to the US, Canada and EU.


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