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| "Green Line" Light Rail Line Gets Green Light

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Monday, 25 November 11:20 AM
Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: "Public transport in Jerusalem is growing. The light rail, becoming a core for mass transit in the city, will contribute significantly to urban life, the welfare of residents and the environment. I know that sometimes the construction period is challenging, and includes changes to the well-known and familiar routine, but we do so to build a more developed, more efficient transport network to invest in a modern future that will serve the city's residents.  Jerusalem will continue to be leading public transport in Israel."
The "Green Line" light rail will travel between the Mount Scopus campus the Gilo neighborhood, serving 400,000 passengers a day. The infrastructure of the train is supported by the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Transport, Moriah and the Transportation Master Plan. 

The work will include development and infrastructure renewal, which will include the upgrading of electricity, water and sewer facilities. In the first phase, no changes are expected in the traffic in the area.



Construction will take place along the streets of Kanfei Nesharim, Yemin Avot and Rabbi Zvi Yehuda. In the first phase, fences will be placed across the perimeter of the project. There will be no traffic changes. 

Along with the setting of the fences, the traffic circle will be expanded in the entrance to Har Nof, on Rabbi Meir Alfia Street. At the end of the works there will be two lanes in the traffic circle, aiming to alleviating traffic congestion in the area.

Contrsuction will be on Sundays from 7am to 7pm and on Fridays as needed. In the event that night work is needed, advance notice will be provided to area residents.


Traffic arrangements:

Both lanes of travel will remain in each direction. However, some of the parking spaces along the streets of Kanfei Nesharim, Yemin Avot and Rabbi Zvi Yehuda will be demolished and congestion in the area will be increased. Drivers are requested to be patient with the heavy traffic movement that may occur and comply with the new parking instructions.

Public transport lines in the area will continue to work as they should.



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