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| 4th Israeli Climate Conference Takes Place in Jerusalem

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Wednesday, 27 November 10:56 AM
The Nechama Rivlin Award for Sustainability was awarded for the first time on Sunday, as part of the 4th Israeli Climate Conference. The award was presented by Honorable State President Reuben (Ruby) Rivlin to four nominated projects.

The Deer Valley in Jerusalem was chosen among the recipients of the award, along with the letter from the rabbis against the use of disposable plastic, the student protest movement for climate in Israel and the fight for clean air at the Haifa Bay.

The judges' reasons for choosing the Deer Valley in Jerusalem were as follows: "The Deer Valley is a venture that has surpassed any imagination, which has become the place for nature to create meaningful educational processes. They succeed in their mission in their quiet, humble and determined way. It is no wonder the Deer Valley was regarded so dearly in the heart of the late Nehama Rivlin."

President Reuben (Ruby) Rivlin, at the ceremony, commented: "Nechama was one of the first to understand the importance of ecology, sustainability and environmental protection. Climate Change has made this area a marginal concern for those who love nature,  and a serious problem facing global leaders. I remember how she told me about her discussion on the melting ice caps with Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States, and when she was in Vietnam, she proudly talked about the State of Israel, and the community garden that she planted in the President's house, which she believed in wholeheartedly. She understood that our world is undergoing dangerous changes, and that we need to take responsibility. Nechama believed that the key to change was within each and every one of us - at home, and in the community, a small change in the way we manage our daily lives is essential: waste separation, wise consumption, reusage to produce less waste. Each small step, an important one. We are taking responsibility."

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: "This award expresses the great urban importance of investing in the quality of life and community involvement in Jerusalem, which influences the planning and thinking shared by the municipality."

The Judging Committee was comprised of Supreme Court Justice and Press Council President Dalia Dorner, the Rivlin family's representative Anat Rivlin, and the executive committee of Environmental Organizations.

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