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Jerusalem Life

| Ari Goldwag - Chanukah: For The Light

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 10 December 12:30 PM
Song Lyrics: So many years ago they tried to stop us From Torah learning yeah they tried to rob us And we found ourselves searching For a bit of oil that would light up And by a miracle eight days didn’t dry up And we found ourselves yearning For the light… For what’s right Take away the night With the light Gotta fight All your might ‘Cuz you can ignite With Torah’s light In the middle of a time so dark now winds are blowing everwhere I go now And I find myself searching There’s an ancient wisdom that I know now Lights up inside of me though I don’t know how And I find myself yearning Chanukah is the time for the Torah's light Chanukah is the time to do what's right Song message: The light of Chanukah is the light of the Torah, whose eternal teachings still light up our lives to this day. The attribute of loving kindness is focused on here, with the sefer "Ahavas Chesed" of the Chofetz Chaim being the inspiration for loving acts of kindness. Storyline: Yakov wants to help his dad get a new menorah, as their menorah is rather shabby. Fortuitously, he is helped in his mission by a kind hearted couple.

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