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| TCS Telecom (Powered By TalknSave) Offers Telecom Services By Anglos, For Anglos

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 15 January 10:42 AM


It’s a known pet peeve among anglos living in Israel: Customer service in the Holy Land simply isn’t up to par with what they used to experience in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. This goes beyond a simple language barrier; cultural differences often make anglos feel as if they are simply not “heard” by customer service representatives.

With that in mind, TCS Telecom offers home phone, mobile phone, internet & cable TV service, with plans tailor-made for anglos. TCS is the only telecommunications option in Israel which was created specifically for anglos, by anglos. When a customer calls TCS customer support, they are immediately greeted in English, by a native English-speaker. This ensures that any issue can be solved, without any language or cultural misunderstandings. The bills are in English, too.

Another substantial advantage of TCS is that it provides a one-stop-shop for all telecom needs. Anglos (and native Israelis as well) are all too familiar with the runaround of having to deal with multiple providers, who often blame one another for connectivity issues. With TCS, this is no longer an issue. All questions or technical issues are handled under the TCS roof. Visit today to get started.

Pro Bundle:

  • Local SIM

  • Home internet

  • Home phone

Home Internet Package:

  • Fast, new modem

  • 200mb speed

  • Free installation

  • Local internet provider

Local Home Phone:

  • Local landline

  • Unlimited incoming calls

  • Unlimited outgoing calls

Mobile With Data

  • 50GB of 4G LTE Data

  • Unlimited local calls

  • Unlimited local texts

  • Unlimited international calls

  • 2 GB of international roaming

  • Free SIM

  • Free virtual number

TV Plan:

  • Premium TV content

  • FOX & CNN included

  • 120+ channels

  • Free Installation

Gold Int’l Calls

  • Local virtual number

  • Unlimited incoming calls

  • Unlimited outgoing calls

More information & prices can be found at


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