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| Goodbye, from Janglo founder Zev Stub

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 29 January 12:37 PM
Hi. This is Zev, founder of 

You may have heard that Janglo was acquired this summer by Anglo Media. Well, after nine months of helping the new team make the transition into the company, it's just about time for me to say goodbye. Thursday will be my last day as part of Janglo. 

Yes, that's right. Nearly 19 years after I created a Yahoo group called Janglo to help my fellow Olim succeed in Israel, my work is done here. 

I'm more than a bit teary-eyed to be saying goodbye to you in this capacity. Over the past two decades, I've gotten to know so many of you, from business owners and public figures to regular people trying to upload pictures to their ad. I've enjoyed the opportunity to be on the front lines of life in Israel, meet great people and be part of great events. It's an honor to have helped so many people find jobs, apartments, and everything else.

The idea for Janglo came at a time during the depths of the second Intifada, when morale in Israel was at a low point and the economy was even worse. It was also a time when English-speaking olim in Israel had far fewer Anglo resources to work with, and were barely recognized as a portion of society with its own character and needs. But now, in 2020, as I gaze out at the strength and diversity of the English-speaking community, throughout Israel and particularly in Jerusalem, I feel very confident stepping back and saying, "my work is done here."  

The thank you's are endless, but I have to mention a few people. Gedaliah Blum was Janglo's business manager for many years, and was instrumental to the operation. So was Sara Ben Zakai, our office manager until the end. A lot of people have volunteered as moderators over the years and deserve a special thanks from the community, especially Jeff Finger, who was was my first co-moderator from Janglo's inception until about 2005. And of course I have to thanks my parents, for everything, and my amazing wife Sara, for everything, and Hashem, for everything. I'm blessed to have been helped by so many people who believed in me and my vision. 

The team at Anglo Media has extremely ambitious plans for Janglo, some of which will be revealed in the coming days. I wish them the best of luck in taking Janglo to the next level. 

It's been an honor to serve you. 

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