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Beersheva furnished apartment for rent Beersheva furnished apartment for rent
roman kenigsberg   Sunday,29 December 1:29 PM | For Rent
Lovely furnished 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, near the Canyon Mall, second floor, elevator, parking space.
for rent in  shchunat Hey for rent in shchunat Hey
hannah beiner   Tuesday,26 November 7:39 PM | For Rent
Shchunat Hey, across from the popular "kippah shul" and across the street from the Grand Canyon mall on the other side. 4 rooms (2 regular bedrooms
Penthouse in Ramot, Beer Sheva Penthouse in Ramot, Beer Sheva
Amy Fredj   Tuesday,17 September 5:36 PM | For Rent
4 bedrooms + large living room + 3 bathrooms.  Large porch.  260 meter (including porch) 6th floor.  Elevator.  2 par
Sublet 1 bedroom apartment Sublet 1 bedroom apartment
Ms Hadas   Thursday,12 September 3:27 AM | For Rent
In sunny Eilat, great place to be. Available September 15 to October 15. Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment. Located in a quiet neighborhood. The sea and pro
DIMONA beautiful  apartment for rent 3.5 ROOMS DIMONA beautiful apartment for rent 3.5 ROOMS
Karen Bruck   Friday,23 August 8:59 AM | For Rent
Dimona, Rechov Yigal Alon, 80 meters, Koma 2.5, meshupetzte, memuzag. B'li tibuch. NIS 1700 Please call 058  3200 215     for m
Be'er Sheva 5 bedrooms for rent Be'er Sheva 5 bedrooms for rent
Joe Halpert   Sunday,11 August 4:16 PM | For Rent
Lovely large 5 bedroom apartment available for rent in gimmel. Suitable for students or family, 4,250NIS/month (That's only 850NIS per bedroom). Private entranc

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