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Research Research
Moshi and Ruchi Atlas   Thursday,30 January 11:26 AM | Wanted
Hi Friends, Would you be willing to particpate in my online research? I'm looking at emotions, self-control and happiness. There's
Board Game Risk Board Game Risk
Stuart Saffer   Tuesday,14 January 11:38 PM | Wanted
Hi Does anyone have the board game Risk that they are not using? I have a son who still prefers board games rather than computer ones and wa
seeking summer rental and car swap seeking summer rental and car swap
Atara Schwartz   Thursday,02 January 11:38 PM | Wanted
Hi,  I'm looking to rent a home in Israel  for a month this summer and to swap vehicles.  Dates are somewhat flexible but prefer second half o

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Michael Levine, Real Estate Lawyer
Jerusalem, Mercaz
1 review
Daniel Fund, M.Sc., L.L.B. - Psychotherapist
Modiin & Jerusalem
4 reviews

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