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U.S. phone number here in israel U.S. phone number here in israel
chani lior   Thursday,30 July 11:48 PM | Advice?
Anyone know the best company or plan for an American phone number here in Israel?
Does Rami Levi online make deliveries in Jeruslem? Does Rami Levi online make deliveries in Jeruslem?
Zvi Lando   Wednesday,29 July 11:33 AM | Advice?
Hi - Does anyone know if Rami Levi Online (through the web site) makes deliveries in Jerusalem? Thanks
Online supermarket delievery Online supermarket delievery
Mm   Monday,27 July 5:02 PM | Advice?
Does anyone know of an online supermarket delivery in Jerusalem with an English website. Thank you
clickbank clickbank   Wednesday,22 July 3:12 PM | Advice?
Hi Looking for someone that has experience with Clickbank affiliation website.  Would like to have some info on how it works etc.. Thank you!
book evaluation? book evaluation?
Ita Shapiro   Thursday,16 July 10:26 AM | Advice?
I'm looking for someone to evaluate (the value) of several dozen old books, here in JLM Thanks 054-4725268
Dog on high speed Dog on high speed
Mark Joseph   Monday,13 July 6:02 PM | Advice?
Hello! Can anyone confirm/disconfirm that the rules for dogs on the high speed train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are the same as for the regular trai
Cyber-Security textbooks? Cyber-Security textbooks?
danielle shapiro   Thursday,09 July 10:03 PM | Advice?
Anyone have used textbooks for studying cyber-security to sell? or know where i can buy used text books?
Seeking career counseling in Jerusalem Seeking career counseling in Jerusalem
Ruth Vlessing   Sunday,05 July 11:12 AM | Advice?
I am seeking recommendations for someone familiar with the job market in Israel who can help me figure out how to best apply my current skills to the job mark
Looking for Outdoor Venue for Wedding in Jerusalem Looking for Outdoor Venue for Wedding in Jerusalem
Shoshana Segal   Wednesday,01 July 10:06 AM | Advice?
We're looking for a wedding venue for between 50 - 250 people (depending on the regulations at the time of the wedding!) All seating should be outside.
Aliyah advice Aliyah advice
shalompollack613   Wednesday,01 July 10:06 AM | Advice?
I was asked by a friend in NY for help in his Aliyah plans. He would like to live in the Negev and be a farmer. He will come with a wife and 13-yea
kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets
Ron Shulamit   Saturday,20 June 11:15 PM | Advice?
Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with the new way bottom kitchen cabinets are done: with an aluminum strip on the very bottom of the cabin
Jewish Groups Jewish Groups
  Sunday,14 June 5:49 PM | Advice?
Hi I was wandering if anyone knows of any Whatsapp or Telegram groups (Like Shutfim but I don't want a site- something in Social Media) for Frum business own
Coffee maker Similar to Keurig? Coffee maker Similar to Keurig?
Gitty Peretz-Normile   Saturday,13 June 11:13 PM | Advice?
I am looking for a coffee maker that is similar to Keurig that can make perked coffee similar to the taste in the US - not watered down espresso. Any ideas whic
Chinese Cabbage Chinese Cabbage
Yisrael Harris   Tuesday,09 June 10:14 AM | Advice?
Looking for a store that sells Chinese cabbage. Replies to Thank you in advance.
jonah kruger   Sunday,07 June 1:35 PM | Advice?
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jonah Kruger is a doctor who lives and works in Jerusalem. He studied medicine at McMaster University in Canada and comp
Walk-in bathtub? Walk-in bathtub?
y   Wednesday,03 June 2:31 PM | Advice?
Hi, I am trying to find information about having a walk-in bath installed for someone who has knee problems. If you have had one installed, I would be ve
Exemptions for Sales Tax and Import Tax? Exemptions for Sales Tax and Import Tax?
Andy and Ayalah Haas   Tuesday,26 May 6:20 PM | Advice?
Are items purchased by mail up to $80 US  from out of israel still exempt from VAT and Import tax?
Spinning bike repair Spinning bike repair
Eliezer Shore   Sunday,24 May 5:44 PM | Advice?
We bought a second hand spinning bicycle that needs a small repair. Does anyone know a repairman who does this in the Jerusalem area?
digestive biscuits! digestive biscuits!
Jacqueline   Sunday,24 May 12:42 PM | Advice?
Does anyone know if "digestive biscuits" (originally english) are available here, and if not, what's the nearest israeli equivalent for making chees
Anonymous Support Line Anonymous Support Line
Zev Stub   Sunday,24 May 11:14 AM | Advice?
Dealer in home water filters Dealer in home water filters
Azriel Winnett   Wednesday,20 May 12:28 AM | Advice?
Can anyone recommend an honest and kowledgeable dealer in gooo domestic water filter systems (not reverse osmosis) Thanks!
Question for CPA: stimulus payment and dependents Question for CPA: stimulus payment and dependents
Yossi   Wednesday,06 May 10:06 AM | Advice?
I understand that for dependends to file for a stimulus payment (as non tax filers) I can't take them as dependents in 2019. Am I able to put them back on as
Tchelet Kitchens Tchelet Kitchens
Joan Gadon   Monday,04 May 1:48 AM | Advice?
I am looking to hear from anyone who did a kitchen through Tchelet Kitchens.  Were you satisfied?  Thanks .
Reuven Frank   Thursday,30 April 12:13 AM | Advice?
Does anyone know of a good, competent, English-speaking veteranarian? We have three cats and are less than satisfied with our curent vet. Please contact
medical masks medical masks
laya scholar   Tuesday,21 April 2:24 AM | Advice?
        hi there, i live in ramot gimmel am am desperately seeking medical masks.  i have auto immune ,disord

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