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 window screens window screens
shalompollack613   Thursday,05 December 5:43 PM | Advice?
I seek window screens Shalom 052 2352 724
Looking for groups that play music, sports, chess or do math Looking for groups that play music, sports, chess or do math
Jeremy   Thursday,05 December 7:37 AM | Advice?
Hi Janglo, I have hobbies and want to find others who share them. My interests include playing piano/keyboard, playing basketball, frisbee and soccer,
Football (soccer) chug for boys Football (soccer) chug for boys
Janglo News   Tuesday,26 November 8:10 AM | Advice?
Shalom, I live in the Shuk area and I am looking for football (soccer) for my boys - 8, 10. Do you know of anything in the area after school?
Where to buy a reasonably priced fridge in geula with Shabbos mode 453liters? Where to buy a reasonably priced fridge in geula with Shabbos mode 453liters?
chavi pollack   Sunday,24 November 8:30 AM | Advice?
I've looked on agora and on yad 2 and haven't found a fridge. Anyone have a fridge they recommend with a freezer around 113liters? I find it hard to find a frid
Advice Advice
Mendel   Sunday,24 November 8:30 AM | Advice?
Does anyone know a cheap recording studio or home studio that can record a five member band or singer -guitar player.
Recording studio Recording studio   Saturday,23 November 10:29 PM | Advice?
Do anyone know of a cheap recording studio or home studio that can record a five piece band or a single singer with guitar?
Antique china evaluator Antique china evaluator
Yaakov Rosen   Tuesday,19 November 4:15 PM | Advice?
Our beloved grandmother has moved to assisted living and has left us some boxes of antique china and crystal Most of the 100+ pieces are singles from France,
Fix Android Moto 6 Phone? Fix Android Moto 6 Phone?
deborah stepelman   Monday,18 November 9:38 AM | Advice?
My screen shuts off as soon as I make or receive a call.  therefore, I am unable to do things like select menu items while on a call.Where, in Jerusalem, c
Driver Jerusalem to RBS Driver Jerusalem to RBS
deborah stepelman   Wednesday,13 November 12:15 AM | Advice?
Please send me recommendations for a reliable, reasonably priced driver or cab company to travel from Jerusalem to Ramat Beit Shemesh.Thank you.stepelma@yahoo.c
Glass sliding door replacement Glass sliding door replacement
Susan F   Monday,11 November 9:40 PM | Advice?
Advice wanted I need to replace 2 glass sliding doors to my balcony. Can anyone recommend someone who does this sort of work? Your advice would be greatly appr
Advice: emailing videos Advice: emailing videos
ylchn2   Sunday,10 November 8:02 PM | Advice?
Advice: seeking quick way to send 2.5 GB videos (uploading via google drive takes forever)
Support group or individuals - cancer sufferers Support group or individuals - cancer sufferers
57supermom   Thursday,07 November 4:04 PM | Advice?
Bs"d Shalom. Does anyone know of an English-speaking support group for cancer sufferers? Specifically, a colon cancer group would be great. Or alt
Helping an American Jew visit Israel Helping an American Jew visit Israel
Anna O Aleksandrowicz   Monday,04 November 4:47 PM | Advice?
My friend's father-in-law is quite elderly and has never been to Israel (he lives in the US but is formerly from Ukraine). Their financial position is not great
Professional Courses in English Professional Courses in English
Sarah Shulman   Wednesday,30 October 2:58 PM | Advice?
  Hi,   My husband is looking to take some professional courses in English. Are there any places in Jerusalem where one can t
Fireworks Fireworks
Jacqueline   Monday,28 October 2:29 PM | Advice?
I am looking for advice and recommendations about doing a small simple firework display for a child's birthday party. What are the main pitfalls and thi
Company that does Hechzer Mas Company that does Hechzer Mas
Yael R.   Wednesday,23 October 12:35 PM | Advice?
Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that do a service of checking about whether you are eligible for a hechzer mas?
Scotchguard upholstery protector Scotchguard upholstery protector
Lynne Weinstein   Tuesday,22 October 9:13 AM | Advice?
Has anyone seen Scotchguard upholstery protector sold in JM? Thank you!
child SAFETY child SAFETY
yishai   Thursday,17 October 4:14 PM | Advice?
Please help me. I don't want my children in danger, but I need more knowledge from those who have experience.If you want to share your insight with me from
Bird migration schedule Bird migration schedule
Lynne Weinstein   Tuesday,15 October 8:19 AM | Advice?
any info on when bird migration starts and where to go? Ty!
Limes in Jerusalem Limes in Jerusalem
Yossi   Thursday,10 October 10:10 AM | Advice?
Can one find limes (not lemons) in the Jerusalem or Beit Shemesh area?
Health food and products Health food and products
Sara State   Monday,07 October 6:35 AM | Advice?
Id like to know about any health food stores or health product stores near har nof.  Thanks
power of attorney power of attorney
shalompollack613   Sunday,06 October 1:28 PM | Advice?
How do I get power of attorney for my elderly parents? Thanks  Shalom Pollack 052 2352 724
Phone/ internet use while traveling in usa Phone/ internet use while traveling in usa
Debbie Halali   Saturday,05 October 7:11 PM | Advice?
Ill be traveling to the States for three weeks and want to make sure that I have good internet access (WAZE, Googlemaps, etc), unlimited calls in USA, calls
Surveillance & Security Cameras Surveillance & Security Cameras
Andy and Ayalah Haas   Wednesday,02 October 4:11 PM | Advice?
Seeking recomendations for a god comapny that intalls Surveillance & Security Cameras in Apartment buidings Thanks Andy 0526 73370
How much does your dentist charge for a cleaning? How much does your dentist charge for a cleaning?   Tuesday,01 October 10:40 PM | Advice?
If you are happy with your dental hygienist, please let me know how much you pay for a cleaning and the name and phone number of the dentist. Thank you

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