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Macular Hole Macular Hole
Rivky Scot   Sunday,19 January 3:55 PM | Advice?
If anyone had surgery for this and would like to share experiences, please contact me.
English for Hebrew speakers English for Hebrew speakers
Daniel A. Lang   Wednesday,15 January 10:24 AM | Advice?
My 22 year old daughter is a fluent Hebrew speaker. She wants to learn English, but not online, only in a class setting. Can someone suggest such a course for
activities for seniors activities for seniors
Rochel Weisman   Wednesday,15 January 8:52 AM | Advice?
70+ newcomer to Israel is looking for activities for seniors in Jerusalem (or Ramat Beit Shemesh), including senior centers with English speaking activities.
Translator Translator
Moish Pomeranc   Wednesday,15 January 8:52 AM | Advice?
I want to translate a birth certificate from Polish to English and Hebrew. Can anyone suggest a translatorr?
looking for physical therapist looking for physical therapist
Rochel Weisman   Wednesday,15 January 8:52 AM | Advice?
Can anyone recommend a great female physical therapist for seniors who works privately? Thank you!
Next week road closings Next week road closings
Lila Lowell   Tuesday,14 January 9:40 AM | Advice?
47 world leaders are due to arrive in Jerusalem next week for the event at Yad Vashem. Does anyone know what the traffic plans are for the days the leaders visi
University math tutor University math tutor
johanna kestenbaum   Friday,10 January 1:06 PM | Advice?
Looking for a university level math tutor to tutor Infinitesimal calculus 1 and linear algebra. Please email with suggestions. Johanna Kestenbaum
Primary-care physiciam Primary-care physiciam
Jane   Thursday,09 January 10:38 AM | Advice?
My husband and I, toshavim hozrim in our 70s, are looking for a primary-care physician, preferably English-speaking, who accepts new patients in Meuhedet. We'd
Making Aliyah Making Aliyah
Daniel Scharfman   Wednesday,08 January 7:53 AM | Advice?
I am planning on making Aliyah later this year and will most likley be living in the Beitar Illit, Gava B area. What would you reccommen I bring from the United
Sliding windows? Sliding windows?
Denise Levin   Tuesday,07 January 12:10 PM | Advice?
Can anyone here recommend a true professional to change casement windows to aluminum horizontal sliding windows so that the rain won't pour into my house throug
Foreign live in female helper Foreign live in female helper
marisa   Tuesday,07 January 3:21 AM | Advice?
Hi I run a cancer transport/service for Beitar illit. I am urgently looking for a foreign live in female helper. The daughter has had no success with th
Federal Benefits Unit - US Embassy Federal Benefits Unit - US Embassy
Jozef Dodziuk   Saturday,04 January 6:18 PM | Advice?
I have been trying to get an appointment regarding Social Security with them since the end of October. In the middle of November they stopped responding
reweaving reweaving
a rosen   Thursday,02 January 11:09 AM | Advice?
BS"D looking for someone to reweave a small hole in a suit jacket would be grateful for recommendations. thanks, blessin
Painting car Painting car
Lynne Weinstein   Monday,23 December 7:33 PM | Advice?
Suggestions for where I can have a car painted?
 window screens window screens
shalompollack613   Thursday,05 December 5:43 PM | Advice?
I seek window screens Shalom 052 2352 724
Looking for groups that play music, sports, chess or do math Looking for groups that play music, sports, chess or do math
Jeremy   Thursday,05 December 7:37 AM | Advice?
Hi Janglo, I have hobbies and want to find others who share them. My interests include playing piano/keyboard, playing basketball, frisbee and soccer,
Football (soccer) chug for boys Football (soccer) chug for boys
Janglo News   Tuesday,26 November 8:10 AM | Advice?
Shalom, I live in the Shuk area and I am looking for football (soccer) for my boys - 8, 10. Do you know of anything in the area after school?
Where to buy a reasonably priced fridge in geula with Shabbos mode 453liters? Where to buy a reasonably priced fridge in geula with Shabbos mode 453liters?
chavi pollack   Sunday,24 November 8:30 AM | Advice?
I've looked on agora and on yad 2 and haven't found a fridge. Anyone have a fridge they recommend with a freezer around 113liters? I find it hard to find a frid
Advice Advice
Mendel   Sunday,24 November 8:30 AM | Advice?
Does anyone know a cheap recording studio or home studio that can record a five member band or singer -guitar player. 
Recording studio Recording studio   Saturday,23 November 10:29 PM | Advice?
Do anyone know of a cheap recording studio or home studio that can record a five piece band or a single singer with guitar?
Antique china evaluator Antique china evaluator
Yaakov Rosen   Tuesday,19 November 4:15 PM | Advice?
Our beloved grandmother has moved to assisted living and has left us some boxes of antique china and crystal Most of the 100+ pieces are singles from France,
Fix Android Moto 6 Phone? Fix Android Moto 6 Phone?
deborah stepelman   Monday,18 November 9:38 AM | Advice?
My screen shuts off as soon as I make or receive a call.  therefore, I am unable to do things like select menu items while on a call.Where, in Jerusalem, c
Driver Jerusalem to RBS Driver Jerusalem to RBS
deborah stepelman   Wednesday,13 November 12:15 AM | Advice?
Please send me recommendations for a reliable, reasonably priced driver or cab company to travel from Jerusalem to Ramat Beit Shemesh.Thank you.stepelma@yahoo.c
Glass sliding door replacement Glass sliding door replacement
Susan F   Monday,11 November 9:40 PM | Advice?
Advice wanted I need to replace 2 glass sliding doors to my balcony. Can anyone recommend someone who does this sort of work? Your advice would be greatly appr
Advice: emailing videos Advice: emailing videos
ylchn2   Sunday,10 November 8:02 PM | Advice?
Advice: seeking quick way to send 2.5 GB videos (uploading via google drive takes forever)  

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