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Dr. Sarit Avraham
Dr. Sarit Avraham
Dr. Sarit Avraham is a graduate of the dental faculty of hadassa, of the hebrew university in jerusalem.

Alongside her DMD degree, Dr. Sarit also has a Masters degree in the field of Oral Medicine.

Ever since her graduation she has participated in contueless continued education faculties from all over the world, always seeking for greater solutions for the people who come to her.

Amongst the great, worldwide recognised, dentists her work is influenced by you can find:

Dr. Gordon Christensen (Uttah), Dr. Frank Spear (Seattle), Dr. Petter Dawson (Florida),Dr. Paskal Mangne (LA), Dr. Streven Phelan (Canada) and many more.

Dr. Sarit gathered everything she learned from these great dentists into the ‘the certain formula for dental- medical treatment’ that is aimed to provide people with a focused comprehansive dental care.

If you ask the people who come to her dental office, what are the 3 most prominent traits Dr. Sarit has, most would say: endless patiance, complete dedication and the powers to keep advancing and evolving all the time.

In her dental office you will find most advanced, high quality dentistry, that is always aimed to bring you to a stronger- healthier, more balnced dental state.
Dr. Sarit believes she can help you avoid invasive, unnecessary and future dental treatments and she is certain you would hear about her special way to do that.
jerusalem, israel

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In the land of Israel anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist.

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