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William Blesch
William Blesch
Hi there.

What if…you personally knew one of the best copywriters around, who has successfully worked with clients in many different markets?

(Specializing in Biotech, Medical Devices, and the Healthcare Industry...although I do work with many others as well.)

What if that copywriter was offering to write a sales letter/brochure etc.for you?

Imagine being the one responsible for helping to sell over and above your firm’s sales goals for the month, for the quarter, for the year. Imagine having a supremely successful launch. Imagine that all that was for a SINGLE product.

What if you could get that copywriter to write copy for every single product or service your company has to offer? Think of the sales you’d be helping your company make! Think of the potential monetary raises you’d get!

Right now I am making you an offer to consistently bring you materials that will help you bring in more sales than your firm was making before.

These sales letters, brochures etc. will be materials your firm can use for years to come because they’re guaranteed money-makers.

You’ll get the praise. You’ll hopefully get the pay-raises…while this copywriter works behind the scenes…meeting ALL of your deadlines.

You can have all of the above if you accept my offer.

You can find my portfolio at: You can also check me out on (Feel free to connect with me there!)

In any case, I offer B2B web copy, SEO and direct-response copywriting for B2B marketers.

For other businesses, I handle case studies, white papers, press releases, newsletters, brochures, Web content, corporate blogs, and I also write feature articles for various magazines. (I have ready samples for each of these types of writing.)

I also create fabulous content for product marketers. You need help with tedious collateral. Gotcha. Even when it's boring. (Spec sheets anyone?) Moreover, I can help with sales enablement.

You can see what some clients have said regarding our working relationship.

“In my MarCom career I have come across some VERY talented and professional people. Will is definitely one of them.

If you are looking for a unique voice, someone who can get your message out in a way that others will want to continue reading, then I strongly recommend Will.

He is an exceptional commercial copywriter who gets the picture quickly and clearly shoots it out. It’s obvious that he is well practiced in corporate blogging and social media, since his writing grabbed my attention.

Even though most of his work is for an American audience, he quickly learned British nuances and colloquialisms.

And, although I wish I could keep him busy enough not to want to work for anyone else… I can’t. But the one thing I can always be sure of is that if ever I need to get a project done fast – I can count on him.”

-Miki Weiser
MarCom Director

To accept my invitation, simply E-mail meat to begin discussing a project you’d like me to work on. I’ll respond within 24 hours.

If you pass on this invitation, how will you ever know whether you’ve missed the opportunity to work with someone that “gets” what you need and can provide it? You won’t. At least not right away. Not until you hear about me from another business owner or marcom manager…who took me up on my offer. So why not help your firm profit from my copywriting services now rather than later? Mmmm?
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