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Save time: Jump your ads!

Are you posting the same message to Janglo every week? Did you know there's a much simpler way that will save you time?

Janglo's user interface allows you to jump your ad to the top of the list and renew it with just one click. You can renew your post every three days, as many times as you want! 

Here's two easy ways to do it:

#1) Inside the message

When you look at your message when you are logged in, you'll see the Jump link clearly on the user menu.  




#2) From your profile page

When you look at your profile page, you'll see a list of your posts.  Just click the Jump link to move your post to the top of the list.




Either way, the link appears three days after your message was posted, or since the last jump.  If its less than three days, you won’t see the link.

Of course, you can edit your message anytime, using the edit link on each page.  


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