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Reach more customers: Advertise your business on Janglo!

Advertising your business on Janglo is the best way to get your message out to English speakers in Israel. Some 150,000 visitors per month visit Janglo to find out what's going on around them. 

Here are our best options for small businesses. For larger campaigns, including top banner spots and email blasts, contact us directly at

For information about a premium listing in Janglo's business directory for just NIS 80 per month, click here.  


300X100 px banners: Long-term value

Six months: NIS 2499 +VAT

Or Three months: NIS 1400 + VAT

We recommend this option for building long-term brand recognition, not a quick ad blitz. This static banner will rotate on the right side of the page for months, and remain in customers' minds long after that. Static (not animated) banners only. See the ads to your right for examples. 

Ads rotate along the side of the page, and will appear on at least 1/3 of all page views.  

To order:  Just send your 300X100 banner ad to You can pay here, or we'll send you a payment form and set you up. If you need a graphic designer to make it, contact our designer Gina at, or look for others in Janglo's Business Directory

 Featured posts: From NIS 100 per week


Want your post to stand out? You can easily highlight any post on Janglo by clicking on the post and using the easy pay form at the bottom of the page. Upon completion, your link and icon will appear in various positions on the homepage  (bottom)category pages (top) , and underneath messages. (See full demo for more examples ) Processing is simple and automatic using PayPal! Just sleect an option beneath your ad to get started: 

featured payment

 If you have trouble with PayPal, contact us about other payment options.



Which ad is best for me? 

Depends. We recommend the 300X100 banner for mid- sized businesses interested in building long-term brand recognition. Brand new companies, orr services expecting a ton of new clients overnight, are often disappointed. 

Featured ads are a great and affordable for getting a lot of awareness for your ad quickly. Advertisers of all sorts have been happy with their preformance. 

How often will my ad appear? 

300X100 banners will appear at least 1/3 of the time, if not more often, in the rotation along the right side of the page. Featured ads rotate subject to the number of other featured ads at the time.  

Can I use Flash?

No. Flash and animation is only available for the large banners at the top of the page. To order those, contact us at

Can I see statistics for my ad?

Yes, on request. For featured posts, you can view your ad's hits directly on your profile page .  

What type of ad design gets the most clicks?

We recommend a simple design that be seen an understood quickly. We find that complicated graphics tend to make the ad harder for viewers to comprehend.  

Can users click my ad to get to my website?

Of course.  


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