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Your English-language gateway to the Jerusalem Municipality (Iriya)

If you are a native English speaker living in Jerusalem, you have probably needed at some point to speak with the Jerusalem municipality (iriya) about certain issues-- and been frustrated at the lack of friendly English support. So here's some help.

1. Jerusalem is now working actively to upgrade its English website and bring it up to par with its Hebrew site. Most payments can now be processed using an English-language interface, and important info for residents is now being added and updated every day. 

2. You can call the Municipal hotline at 106 for any questions, suggestions, etc. This is the official channel for residents to contact the iriya, but it's not always so English-friendly. 
3. As a voluntary service, Janglo is now offering an English email channel to help supplement English-language communication. Email your question to and we'll do our best to forward it to the right people who can help you. 
Besides the issue of language barriers, Olim are often frustrated that they can't find the right address for a specific inquiry- you've waited days to speak with someone, only to get sent somewhere else, or you just can't locate the single person who is in charge of a department, but only works 4 hours a week. Email and we'll see if we can help. is an unofficial partnership between Janglo and several agencies in the municipality, including:
- The Jerusalem Department for Aliya from English-speaking countries. Our contacts there are Jason Roth (rtjason@jerusalem.muni.il02-545-6906) and Yisrael Cohn (Chisrael1@jerusalem.muni.il02-545-6903). We also recommend contacting them directly for help finding your way as a resident of Jerusalem.
- English-speaking representatives of the Hitorerut Jerusalem political party. (Especially for questions of assistance for small businesses)
We hope this project helps improve the general quality of life for English-speaking residents of Jerusalem, and potential olim to our great city. 

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