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More views than usual, premium ads drive a lot more traffic to your listing and put you right in front of the target audience. It’s very simple: more eyes on your ad, more chances of selling!

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Why go premium?

  • Great for businesses who want more exposure in the Anglo community
  • Perfect for someone who is looking for continus work
  • Amazing for businesses with high priced items and services

The benefit.

  • Your business will be placed in more than 1 spot in Janglo
  • Bump your ad as much as you like
  • When a potential customer looks for something in the search. Our premium listings come up first
  • Because of our strong presence on Google, your ad is likely to get much more exposure being at the top

How does this grow my business?


Your ad is going to appear on Janglo in 2 spots: your ad appears in the premium ad section in the selected categories, and will also appear in the first group of the search results.

Premium ads get rotated. This is how we make sure that your business gets the fare amount of exposure.

Premium ads are known for generating leads, exposing your business to the right niche audience and creating a brand name in the Anglo community.

Premium ads have a much higher level of exposure through out the website. That means that you are claiming a premium spot infront of the right audience.

Because of the way that premium ads are situated, they are the listings that get more clicks and responses.

Your business is going to stay in the popular premium section for a long period of time.

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KEREN DAVID MOVERS - Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh
Jerusalem and Area
41 reviews
Pardes Hanna, Tzfat

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