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Daily Mail in response to Barak libel suit: We stand by our story

"We note that Mr. Barak’s assertion that he was not party to Mr. Epstein’s illegal activities is a denial of a claim we have never made."

Do Ilhan Omar's boycotts compare to the BDS movement? Analysis

The BDS movement has been ruled antisemitic and tied to terror.

IRGC seizes foreign ship in Persian Gulf

The ship had a capacity of two million liters and had 12 foreign crew members, according to Fars.

'Money Heist' star Jaime Lorente visits Tel Aviv

Part 3 of Money Heist will be released on Netflix on July 19 and it has a larger budget and more wide-ranging locations than the previous seasons.

U.S. Department of Defense eyeing Israeli suicide drone

Produced by UVision, the Hero-120 has a range of 40km and can carry a 3.5kg warhead

Conversion therapy can kill: Religious LGBT community members speak out

During therapy, they emphasized traumatic events and told him that he had a very masculine mother and his father was absent.

Study: Increasing number of hospital beds won't solve overcrowding

"Conversations with physicians have revealed that they feel additional hospital beds will not significantly change the situation, and that what needs to change are hospitalization procedures."

Breakthrough pancreatic cancer treatment phase III trial opens in Israel

Hope is that successful trials will allow Rafael Pharmaceuticals will receive expedited FDA approval by late 2020.

Two killed in suicide bombing, four beheaded in Sinai, sources say

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack via its Amaq agency, saying five members of the security forces were killed or injured.

Israel has largest delegation at International Children’s Games in Russia

A 150-member delegation shipped out from Israel to play in the International Children's Games.

Report: Syria benefits from Israeli drone technology sold to Russia
צילום: רויטרס
The Intercept news website says the UAV recently downed by Israeli military in north contained technology purchased by Moscow back in 2010 with Israel's defense industry pocketing some $400 million from the deal

Multiple injuries found on body of UK woman allegedly raped by 12 Israelis

צילום: shutterstock
According to documents presented at a court hearing in Cyprus, the woman had scratches on her lower limbs; she'd met one of the suspects sometime prior to incident and had engaged in sexual relations with him on multiple occasions

Barak denies link to Epstein's 'heinous' deeds, slams Daily Mail, Netanyahu family

צילום: אוראל כהן
'I am a feminist,' says former PM at election campaign launch, adding that he is severing all business links to accused child sex trafficker; he also brands Netanyahu's son 'an inciting, prostitute-user who lives a parasitic life', highlighting PM's ties to Natan Eshel, 'a convicted sex offender'

Cyprus detains 12 Israelis after UK woman alleges rape

צילום: shutterstock
16-17-year-old teens are arrested in vibrant night life spot for alleged rape of 19-year-old British girl, expected to face custody hearing on Thursday

Ehud Barak hits back as UK paper ties him to Jeffrey Epstein, threatens law suit

Former PM and IDF chief dismisses claims that he was hiding his identity as Daily Mail publishes old pictures of him outside New York townhouse of accused child sex trafficker, hinting at involvement in the alleged crimes; threatens to suit newspaper it doesn't apologize

Education Minister retracts support for conversion therapy

צילום: AFP
'I know conversion therapy is wrong, this is my firm stance,' says Rabbi Rafi Peretz in an open letter to Tel Aviv school principals, who slammed his statements made on a televised interview

Lawyer for 11-year-old victim of group rape: State not taking case seriously

צילום: shutterstock
Group of 12- and 13-year-old boys accused of assaulting schoolmate at knife point, recording attack on their phones and sharing it with friends; victim being treated for mental health issues while her alleged rapists were released due to their age

Wildfires break out across Israel as temperatures soar in extreme heatwave

צילום: אבי מועלם
Firefighters battling blazes in Haifa and Wadi Ara in north, multiple locations in center of country and Ashdod in south as temperatures reach as high as 42 degrees Celsius; Health Ministry warns locals to stay in air-conditioned spaces and drink plenty of water

Mother of fallen IDF soldier leaves meeting with Netanyahu in tears

צילום: מוטי קמחי
Leah Goldin, mother of Hadar Goldin whose remains have been held by Hamas since Operation Protective Edge, confronts the prime minister and accuses him of trying to silence the families of MIAs and POWs days before the 5-year anniversary of the 2014 war

Israel braces for extreme weather as temperatures set to soar

צילום: דני זיו רשות הטבע והגנים
With temperatures reaching some 40 celsius in some parts of the country, the Health Ministry urges the public to take precautionary measures to avoid heatstroke; meteorological services say the heatwave will be 'unusually' brief

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Confessions of a unicorn
Would I have wrecked my marriage and left Orthodox Judaism if I had known that sex addiction was even possible for the nice Jewish girl that I was?

Radio station pays fine to feminist group with 300,000 coins
Losing lawsuit for discrimination against women, ultra-Orthodox Kol Barama broadcaster delivers NIS 30,000 ($8,470) in bucket loads of the smallest denomination in Israeli currency

Appealing tax bill, model Refaeli tells court she and DiCaprio were family unit
Papers filed to Supreme Court claim that norms for 'ordinary people' cannot be imposed on lifestyle of celebrities to determine if they were living as a family

Iran says it seized foreign oil tanker, 12 crew members
Announcement on state TV says vessel intercepted by Revolutionary Guard forces in Strait of Hormuz; tanker said to be smuggling Iranian fuel to foreign customers

Jewish Agency head urges Corbyn to launch external probe of Labour anti-Semitism
Herzog, in letter to UK politician, calls party's handling of allegations 'scandalous,' urges thorough investigation

Labour fires peer for comparing Corbyn leadership to Hitler’s ‘bunker mentality’
UK party strips baroness of shadow Brexit minister job after criticizing Labour head's handling of ongoing anti-Semitism crisis; Herzog urges Corbyn to allow independent probe

In the dark shadow of Epstein ties, Barak wages an underdog fight
At campaign launch event, Israel Democratic Party leader goes on the offensive like a guerrilla warrior leading a unlikely coup. It may be his only choice

If I were Israeli
I would do all I cannot do now to ensure the protection of basic human rights, and a better future for our children and grandchildren, both Palestinian and Israeli

Victim of alleged Israeli gang rape in Cyprus had lower body wounds, court hears
Suspects' families accuse Cypriot police of brutality; 9 of those held deny meeting British tourist who accused them of sex attack; DNA samples and phones taken from suspects

One of the earliest mosques in the Holy Land unearthed in Bedouin city of Rahat
The rural, open-air mosque dates to just after the Arab conquest in 636 CE and adds wealth of knowledge about an empire transitioning from Christianity to Islam

Cyprus holds 12 Israelis over alleged gang rape of UK teen
Israeli teenagers remanded by Cyprus court after being accused of raping 19-year-old British woman at hotel in resort town.

Senate hearing on Google bias, censorship as firm enters pharma
National security analyst: 'They could very well affect the Israeli elections, easily.'

Are Iran sanctions having effect on target people?
Trump targeted Iran with sanctions hoping to bring them to negotiations, but is it working? Or just hurting average Iranian businessman?

Israeli Arab sheikh: Muslims will never allow non-Muslim rule
Friday sermon in Israel: 'Infidels should know that when we rule according to Islam, there will not be single law that is not Islamic.'

Herzog to Corbyn: Take action before it's too late
Jewish Agency chair pens letter to Labour leader, calling for appointment of neutral entity to investigate anti-Semitism in party.

Daily Mail stares down Ehud Barak
British newspaper publishing picture of former PM at entrance to Epstein estate stands behind publication, demands Barak retract remarks.

Remains of ancient mosque discovered in Negev
Remains of the rare building discovered by antiquities authority during preparations for new neighborhood in the town of Rahat.

Tzomet Institute approves hot water on Shabbat in 2 resorts
For first time, Tzomet Institute grants technological approval to Shabbat hot water system for two guest houses in Israel.

US politicians connect to Jerusalem's essence
'When you come to City of David and see discoveries being made every day, you see it's not simply a matter of faith, it's a matter of fact.'

'Brains' behind attack on Mumbai Chabad House arrested again
One of the masterminds of the 2008 attack on the Mumbai Chabad House rearrested by Pakistani security forces.

Housing Ministry rejects Central Bureau of Statistics sales data
Benny Dreyfuss: "The figures published by the Central Bureau of Statistics do not reflect the true situation."

Shekel resumes gains despite falling inflation
The lower than expected June CPI rise makes an interest rate cut next month much more unlikely.

Heavy demand for Altshuler Shaham Provident Fund IPO
The share price for the offering was 28.1% higher than the initial minimum price.

Perion share price surges over 40%
The Israeli company has improved its financial results, reduced its debt, and announced early repayment of its bonds.

Bar Refaeli appeals NIS 8m back taxes bill
In her 30 page appeal to the Supreme Court, she claims that Leonardo DiCaprio's home in the US was her 'family home.'

Delek slumps on revised Ithaca bond terms
Delek's share price is falling sharply after its Ithaca unit revised downwards the bonds amount it is raising to finance the $2 billion acquisition of Chevron North Sea.

Daily Mail ignores Barak's ultimatum to remove Epstein article
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has blamed Benjamin Netanyahu for the article in the UK tabloid insinuating he met disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein together with young women.

Cellcom to switch focus from mobile to TV, Internet
Cellcom has an alarming debt, and intense competition in the mobile phone market has put revenue into a tailspin.

Herzliya lot for business park sold for NIS 380m
The 1.825-acre site is close to the coastal road opposite a Paz filling station.

Eilat vacation prices fall sharply
Prices are projected to rise in August, especially in the last two weeks of the month.

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