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Turkey's Syria operation reveals cracks among Erdogan's political foes

But some three quarters of Turks support the Syrian incursion, launched on Oct. 9, polls show, despite international condemnation, including by Ankara's NATO allies.

Live: Several Israelis injured as Islamic Jihad continues firing rockets

The operation against Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata was approved by the IDF chief-of-Staff, Shin Bet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the security cabinet.

Massive barrage towards southern and central Israel shatters quiet

IDF expects another day of rocket fire.

Im Tirzu calls for 'complete destruction of Hamas'

The NGO uploaded multiple videos and photos on their social media on Tuesday morning calling for a victory. Activists were also out and about hanging signs that said, "Bibi - Give Us The Order!"

After a quiet night, a barrage of rockets strikes Israel

On Tuesday, Israel was pounded by close to 200 rockets following the predawn targeted killing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata at his home in the Gaza Strip.

Jerusalem hosts dedication ceremony for heroes of besieged Leningrad

It is estimated that between 600,000 and 1.5 million people died in the course of the 900-day-long siege of Leningrad, tens of thousands of Jews among them.

Hamas TV plays 'Death to Israel' song as terrorists launch rockets

The video features the words "death to Israel" in Hebrew as well as clips from funerals of Israeli terror victims.

Iran bans sale of books by ‘Sapiens’ author Yuval Noah Harari

“Sapiens” was published originally in Hebrew as a textbook for Harari’s students at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey: I am proud to stand with Israel

Gantz: Security of Israel is above politics; PA: This is a crime.

Why Poland doesn’t like this Netflix series

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland wrote a letter to the head of Netflix complaining of “historical inaccuracies” in its series “The Devil Next Door.”

Rocket fire from Gaza resumes after a quiet night; IDF Strikes in Gaza
צילום: AFP
Israeli military attacks on Islamic Jihad targets also resumed Wednesday with the IDF confirming it hit a rocket-launching squad and Palestinian media reporting at least two people killed in the attacks

Islamic Jihad in Gaza: Backed by Iran, challenge to Hamas

צילום: רויטרס
Analysis: Killing of terror group's military mastermind unleashes another round of escalation in violence in the Strip, but how far can the group, which has become a driving force in rocket fire and confrontations with Israel, really go?

Egyptian mediators launch bid to secure Israel-Gaza truce

Cairo steps up communications in an effort to curb latest round of violence between Israel and Palestinian militants; Islamic Jihad leader says conditions not ripe for ceasefire

European court: Countries must label products from Israel's settlements

Human Rights Watch welcomes ruling that requires EU member states to comply, while opponents brand the new regulations 'a new kind of yellow star'

IDF: More than 190 rockets fired from Gaza; Hamas warns it has 'many options'

צילום: AP
Israeli army bolsters Gaza border presence, says Iron Dome has intercepted dozens of rockets; Islamic Jihad rules out truce mediation 'while martrys' blood is not yet dry' after Israel kills group's commander in predawn airstrike

Bennett declares 'special situation' for communities within 80 km of Gaza

צילום: AFP
Shortly after taking office, New Right MK takes special measures in home front to safeguard population; directive valid for 48 hours unless annulled by government or defense minister

IDF chief: Ready for Gaza escalation after Jihad commander hit, will resume targeted killings if need be

צילום: מוטי קמחי
PM says operation to eliminate 'ticking bomb' Baha Abu al-Atta approved 10 days ago, carried out with maximum success and minimum collateral damage; Netanyahu and Kochavi both urge Israelis to heed Home Front Command instructions

IDF kills Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza; rockets fired at central Israel

צילום: ירון ברנר
29 people treated for light injuries, shock as rockets fall across large swathes of Israel; schools, workplaces shuttered as Gaza groups vow revenge for death of Baha Abu al-Atta in first targeted killing by Israel since 2014

Jordan foils plot against U.S., Israeli diplomats and American soldiers - newspaper

צילום: רויטרס
King Abdullah, a Middle East ally of Western powers against Islamist militancy, has been among the most vocal leaders in the region in warning of threats posed by radical groups

Damascus Home of Islamic Jihad official targeted by Israel, group says

צילום: מלכה ברז
Syrian media reported two killed in the attack including Islamic Jihad Akram Ajuri's son; the home is located near the Lebanese embassy in Mezzah, a western district of the Syrian capital

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Noshing in Tarnw
If you build a kosher cafe in Poland, they will come out of the woodwork, acknowledging 'some Jewish roots'

Massive early morning rocket fire from Gaza shatters brief overnight calm
Attacks resume after six hours of quiet; schools in south closed; cabinet to meet to reassess situation after 200 rockets fired into Israel

The Ann Coulter of France is a Jew of Algerian heritage
Extremely divisive but beloved by some on the right for his harsher-than-usual anti-Muslim rhetoric, Eric Zemmour falls back on his Jewish roots to deflect accusations of racism

Brazilian-born Holocaust survivor has bar mitzvah at age 91
'Despite everything, I am very grateful to life for everything,' says Andor Stern, who was 17 when he was liberated from Auschwitz

Philanthropists give $106M to fund brain research alliance
Billionaires Joan and Sandy Weill funding initiative aimed at finding treatments for brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease

High-profile BDS conference at UMass Amherst sparks concern -- and a peace march
Event comes amid a spate of anti-Semitic vandalism at university and nearby Smith College; school refuses to block meet on grounds of freedom of expression

Hasidic rabbi who can’t ‘pray the girl away’ transitions to female activist
Abby Stein was a mischievous yeshiva boy who had an arranged marriage - and son - in her enclave in Brooklyn. Her newly published book, 'Becoming Eve,' details her unusual journey

First death reported in nationwide protests racking Lebanon
Soldier arrested after opening fire on demonstrators in southern Beirut; thousands take to streets after President Aoun warns of further delays forming government

In new book, Haley says Tillerson vehemently opposed embassy move to Jerusalem
Former US envoy to United Nations dedicates chapter to Israel, and the White House in-fighting it drew; details how she tried to 'change the culture' of anti-Israel bias at the UN

Rockets fired at southern, central Israel after night of tense quiet
Schools allowed to reopen Wednesday in Tel Aviv area but will remain closed in south, a day after 200 projectiles launched from Gaza

Summer weather may turn wintry towards weekend
Temperatures rise as weather remains hot and dry - but there may be rainfall towards the weekend.

IDF airstrike kills senior Islamic Jihad terrorist
Gaza death toll hits 12 as terrorist cell responsible for launching rockets hit by IDF airstrike. 220 rockets fire at Israel since Tuesday.

Afghanistan: Prisoner swap confirmed
Afghanistan announces Taliban prisoner swap to free hostages

Israel's National Library working with Google to digitize books
In two-year project, Israel's National Library partners with Google to digitize 120,000 books.

Hillary Clinton won't rule out 2020 presidential run
'Never say never,' Clinton tells BBC, adding she is 'under tremendous pressure to run for president again.'

Iran bans sale of books by 'Sapiens' author Yuval Noah Harari
Books by Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari, best known for his book 'Sapiens', banned in Iran.

IDF estimates: Islamic Jihad will keep firing rockets
IDF Spokesperson estimates that Islamic Jihad intends to continue firing rockets in a similar fashion to yesterday.

What is the connection between God and math?
The crazy math used by the Three Stooges, and how certain groups try to use this type of logic to reinterpret the Hebrew scriptures.

Sirens in southern and central Israel
Sirens heard in Gaza envelope and Coastal Plain. IDF investigating.

Saudi Arabia condemns Iranian 'deception'
Saudi Arabia's cabinet accuses Iran of being "deceptive and evasive" about its nuclear program.

Rocket fire continues as Tel Aviv schools reopen
Businesses and schools are reopening in Tel Aviv but the situation remains tense in southern Israel.

Tue: TASE slightly down amid security tensions
Teva and Israel Chemicals led the gains while Delek and Azrieli led the declines.

Migdal in advanced talks to buy Herzliya Medical Center stake
Sources: Yair Landau is seeking to sell shares at a valuation of NIS 800 million-1 billion.

JP Morgan upgrades Teva
Analyst Chris Schott has upgraded Teva from "Underweight" to "Neutral" but maintained the $8 price target, a 16.4% downside on the current share price.

Can Israel's economy withstand a protracted conflict?
Israeli economists estimate the potential damage to the country's economy, if the rocket attacks from Gaza continue.

EU court rules Judea & Samaria goods must be labeled
The European Court of Justice ruled today that products manufactured in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights must be clearly marked.

Teva spin-off 89bio soars after $85m Nasdaq IPO
The Israeli biopharmaceutical company's lead candidate treats NASH, a severe form of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

No changes in Ben Gurion Airport flight schedule
El Al: Due to the security situation, the airline will allow ticket changes and cancellations at no cost until November 16.

Hamas seen limiting response to Abu al-Ata killing
The Hamas leadership is presumably not grief-stricken at the demise of "the troublemaker of Gaza."

Shekel weakens on Gaza escalation
Shekel exchange rates against the US dollar and the euro have risen; trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is fairly stable.

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