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Israel unveils Rafael's new advanced bunker buster missile, 'Rocks'

The air-to-surface missile can be fired from a significant standoff range, reducing exposure of the aircraft.

Germany still paying pensions to former SS officers in UK, Belgium

Brussels lawmakers call on Berlin to halt payments.

'Eastenders' bids goodbye to beloved Jewish character

'Dr. Legg' honored by UK soap opera for his lifelong battle against antisemitism and bigotry.

French TV stops FB stream from Jewish cemetery after antisemitic comments

"Within minutes, the number of vile and illegal comments had gone well beyond our capacity to moderate them," France 3 explained.

No signal? Sonarax unveils novel ultrasonic communication technology

Sonarax unveiled on Wednesday what it describes as "a new standard" in machine-to-machine connectivity, allowing devices to communicate with one another using sound waves.

World Council of Churches exposed as biased, anti-Israeli group - report

The World Council of Churches spent years gathering information on IDF operations, with activists masquerading as tourists.

Yair Netanyahu, Rabin grandson lash out on Twitter over family history

Yair Netanyahu lashed out at Jonathan Benartzi saying that “you’re grandfather [Rabin] is the one who ran way and [mentally] collapsed in every battle.”

Gantz and Lapid attempt to create a bloc that could overthrow Netanyahu

Labor recruits a general for its list.

Court resuscitates Palestinians' genocide case against Adelson in U.S.

The $34.5 billion case was previously dismissed by the lower US district court for the District of Columbia.

Will Israel follow US Air Force and buy new advanced F-15 fighter jets?

Israel’s Air Force is set to decide in coming months on purchasing F-15IA fighter.

Gantz, Lapid hold secret talks on joint election campaign
צילום: יאיר שגיא
Yesh Atid and Israel Resilience party leaders held previous 'good' talks Tuesday night; senior offiicials from both sides also in attendance

Palestinian president rejects tax money from Israel

צילום: EPA
Mahmoud Abbas says funds collected by Israel on behalf of PA no longer accepted after government passes law meant to deduct 5 percent of that against stipends paid to families of Palestinian terrorists; 'If we are left with only 20 or 30 million shekels, we will pay them to the families of martyrs.'

US ambassador to Poland: Israel should apologize to Poles for Holocaust comments

צילום: רויטרס
As spat over Israeli officials' remarks about Poland's involvement in the Holocaust spirals, US ambassador to the Eastern European country says Yisrael Katz should express regret over his statement that Poles ‘sucked anti-Semitism with their mothers' milk.’

Gantz and Lapid have last-minute talks on possible merger

צילום: EPA, אבי מועלם
After presenting his final list of candidates for the Knesset ahead of the April 9 elections, the former chief of staff reached out to the Yesh Atid leader, saying they must join forces to replace Netanyahu.

US court revives Palestinians' lawsuit against Jewish billionaire

צילום: אלכס קולומויסקי
$1 billion lawsuit seeks to hold billionaire Sheldon Adelson and more than 30 other pro-Israel defendants liable for alleged war crimes and conspiracy to expel non-Jews from the disputed territories.

US Palestinian mission to merge with Israeli embassy next month

צילום: AFP
US Consulate General in Jerusalem, which serves Palestinians, will be absorbed into the new US Embassy on March 4th or 5th, a US official says; Palestinians condemn merger.

Netanyahu aims to visit Muslim-majority Morocco before Israeli elections

צילום: AP
Despite a lack of official diplomatic ties, the two countries do engage in small-scale trade and under-the-radar cooperation on security matters.

Incendiary airborne device sparks fires in Gaza border communities

After 5 months during which there were no reports of fires breaking out due to inflammable balloons, firefighting forces are called to the Kissufim forest to put out two fires.

Poland says still awaits Israel's apology in Holocaust row

צילום: רויטרס
Polish diplomat says Warsaw will 'leave it Israeli leaders to choose what form of reaction they will have', after spat ends in cancellation of international conference; Hungarian leader calls for end to dispute

Israel hosts east European leaders after summit scrapped

Photo: EPA
Following Poland's pullout of the Visegrad summit over acting FM Katz's anti-Polish remarks, Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with his Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian counterparts in Jerusalem; Hungary to open a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, the PMO said in a statement.

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Rivlin praises Macron for taking rising French anti-Semitism ‘seriously’
In 'urgent letter,' Israel's president tells French counterpart spate of attacks against Jews an 'affront to the Jewish people, to the French Republic, to all humanity'

Israeli cyber defense firms are protecting world leaders
There are several Israeli security companies capable of preventing world leaders from being hacked; these firms focus on real-world physical and virtual challenges

Macron to unveil measures to fight anti-Semitism
Authorities arrest protester caught on video hurling abuse at Jewish writer and philosopher Alain Finkielkraut during 'yellow vest' demonstration in Paris on Saturday

Naming ex-general Labor No. 2, Gabbay says party will push for a ‘secure peace’
Former IDF Southern Command chief Tal Russo says he represents 'the values that established this country' -- military strength and a hand reached out in peace

Extremist party viewed as linchpin to keeping Netanyahu’s government afloat
Jewish Home leaders had been wary of scaring off moderate supporters in merging with Otzma Yehudit, but PM's warning of 'leftist' threat appears to have won them over

Netanyahu’s despicable push to bring racists into Israel’s political mainstream
The PM is pressing the religious Zionist Jewish Home party to partner with the Kahanists of Otzma Yehudit. It makes cynical political sense for his interests, but what of Israel's?

Hamas claims credit as head of elite IDF unit steps down after Gaza raid
Terror group says Sayeret Matkal commander's unexpected decision to leave his position is the 'direct result' of its derailing special forces operation in November

Palestinian suspect in murder, rape of Ori Ansbacher remanded for 8 more days
Police say they need more time to analyze forensic evidence implicating Arafat Irfaiya in the killing, which sparked outrage in Israel

Putin sternly warns US against putting missiles in Europe
Russian leader says Washington abandoned a key arms control pact, further inflaming tensions between the two countries

Three UK Conservative lawmakers defect to join Labour rebels’ Independent Group
Newly formed faction says Theresa May's government is abandoning the political center, handling Brexit poorly

US ambassador to Poland calls on FM to apologize to Poland
Ambassador calls on Minister Yisrael Katz to apologize to Poland for remarks on Polish anti-Semitism. 'We're too important to each other.'

Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rod Rosenstein as deputy US AG
Trump will name attorney Jeffrey Rosen, the current deputy transportation secretary, to serve as the next deputy U.S. attorney general.

Paris: ECI joins national demonstration against anti-Semitism
'Expressing appreciation of our Jewish communities in the public domain is the best antidote to anti-Semitism.'

Billboard campaign: 'The true Right supports Sovereignty!'
Throughout country hundreds of signs hung calling on voters to support parties committed to imposing sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Hot 2019 Purim Trend: Being Healthy & Eco-Friendly
Say hello to healthy and environmentally friendly ideas for this year's Purim.

Smotrich: On April 10 we will be separate from Otzma Yehudit
National Union leader says joint run with Otzma Yehudit 'not natural' for his party, but necessitated by political realities.

Cleared for publication: Relatives suspected of Kadouri murder
Husband and wife, relatives of murdered Jerusalem couple, revealed as main suspects in the double murder.

March for Israel in the capital of Ireland
Over 100 Irish citizens march in Dublin to protest Ireland's proposed BDS legislation. "We are Irish and we buy from Judea and Samaria."

My parents flew to America and I never saw them again
The tragic story of an orphaned groom comes to light with the encouragement of Rabbi Grossman.

Poll: Right-religious bloc loses majority
Day before deadline for registration for upcoming election, poll shows Left-Arab bloc taking lead over Right-Religious bloc.

Israeli nanosatellite co SAS raising $15m on ASX
The company is due to launch the first batch of its Pearls constellation nano-satellites network with Virgin Orbit by mid-2019.

Israeli microbiome co BiomX raises $32m
The funds will be used primarily to advance the company’s leading drug candidates for the treatment of acne and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Israeli VC firm JVP closes $220m eighth fund
JVP VIII has attracted leading investors from across the US, Europe, and Asia, including Japan.

Google buys Israeli data migration co Alooma for $150m
Google expects the Tel Aviv-based company to help its customers migrate their data to the cloud more easily and securely.

As inflation rises, shekel gains against dollar
The shekel is trading at its strongest levels against the dollar since September 2018, and its strongest levels against the euro since July 2017.

Rafael, Stolero sign NIS 850m Aeronautics acquisition deal
Aaron Frenkel, who has a 30% stake in the UAV developer, will be unable to block the deal, market sources believe.

Dan buys hotels in Eilat, Safed and Nazareth
Dan has acquired three hotels from Israel Land Development Hotel's Rimonim chain.

Rafael unveils long-range ROCKS air-to-surface missile
On show at Aero India, the new missile travels faster than the speed of sound and can destroy underground targets.

Elbit mulls launching aerial firefighting service
Chim-Nir, the operator of Elbit's firefighting squadron, is under a stay of proceedings.

Palo Alto buys Israeli cybersecurity co Demisto for $560m
The Tel Aviv-based company has raised $69 million to date for its orchestration and automation security technology.

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