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Healing and Care, Massage, Doctors, Holistic healing, Psychologists / Psychotherapists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Mental health, Speech therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Skincare, Nutrition, Spa, Nursing / Home Care, Optical, Medical Devices, Homeopathy

Home and Garden

Handymen, Cleaners, Furniture, Plumbers, Construction/ renovations, Electricians, Painters, Appliances, Interior Design, Gardening / Landscaping, Air Conditioning/ Heating, Locksmiths, Exterminators, Architects, Home Organizer, Fire Safety, Waterproofing, Carpenter, Roofing, Lighting, Aluminum, Shelving Units, Flooring, Curtains, Doors, Kitchens

Professional Services

Accountants, Business services, Lawyers, Marketing Services, Business consultants, Outsourcing services, Job placement, Financial Services, Insurance, Family Financial Planners, Foreign Currency


Tutors & Classes, Coaching & consulting, Tutors, Schools, Driving instruction, Hebrew / Ulpan


Jerusalem Restaurants, Tel Aviv Restaurants, Raanana Restaurants

Event planning

Musicians & Bands, Event Planners, Photographers, Videographers, Flowers, Gift Registries, Event Venues, Wedding Gowns

Art Culture Entertainment

Entertainment, Art, Gifts, Music

Children / Babies

Babysitter/ mitapelet, Mishpachtons, Babies/birth, Chugim, Toys

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents, Property Management, Mortgages, Vacation Rentals, Architects, Land Appraisers, Assisted Living for Seniors

Clothing and Fashion

Hair & Make-Up, Shaitels, Clothing, Jewelry, Swimwear, Shoes, Beauty, Hats


Fitness gym, Sports, Sports instruction


Caterers, Food delivery, Food services, Bakery, Supermarkets


Gemachs, Pets, Miscellaneous, Aliya services, Security


Tour Guides/ Tourism, Travel agents, Accommodations, Phone rentals, Tzimmers

Movers / Storage

Movers, Storage, Delivery services, Shipping


Computer services, Phone/ VoIP/ DSL, Electronics, Alarm Systems, Phone and Tablet repair

Cars: Buy / Lease / Rent

Media / Writing / Design

Graphic Design, Translating, Writing Services, Media Conversions, Presentations, Publishing, Audio / Visual, Commercial Photography


Automotive, Chauffeurs & Taxis, Bikes


Judaica & Safrut, Shadchanim, Bar Mitzva/ Torah Tutoring, Yeshivot, Mohels, Sofrim

Internet Services

Web Site Building, Social Media / SEO / PPC




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