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TCS Telecom

TCS Telecom
TCS Telecom
CALL NOW  1-866-825-5672
 Kanfei Nesharim 15 Jerusalem
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For the first time in Israel: Cell phone, home phone, TV & internet service provided for anglos, by anglos!

All communication is in English, and switching is easy!Check out TCS today!

"I’m really happy that I switched over to TCS, and now that I’m a customer I’m not looking back. From now on I know that if I ever have any type of issue with my phone or internet, I can get help by just calling one number, and getting help in English - from a native English speaker like me!" - Barry, Efrat

Powered by TalknSave,TCS Telecomis the proud communications provider of thousands of Anglo-Israeli residents each year. Our team is just like you, as most of us are Olim from the English speaking communities as well.

Our top priority is to provide you with great communication services to make your home in Israel feel as natural as possible. We are here to seamlessly accommodate your communications needs as you fulfill your dream living in Israel.

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SERVICING: Pardes Chana/ Zichron Yaakov | Shomron | Ashkelon | Ashdod | Netanya | Sharon | Beit Shemesh | Gush Etzion | Modiin | Golan | Galil | Beersheva | Haifa | Tel Aviv/ Mercaz | Jerusalem

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